Chocolate with oranges… the next dimension of orange, I do love a freshly squeezed oranges but I don’t like to eat oranges alone like any other fruit, but I respect oranges as an individual fruit and it’s capability to transfer any thing into other dimension, especially with chocolate.

Here, I made this chocolate orange cake two weeks ago, (yes when life was easier before I knew terminal windows and the fact that I can’t do everything alone), I did it for my aunts when I went to them for dinner, it was really chocolaty due to very nice cocoa powder and bit of chocolate sauce, fresh chantalle inside and an explosions of different textures of orange, I made the ganache with orange juice and zests, there’s some zests and stripes of oranges skin on top of it (literally striped the oranges from what it’d offer to me) and with some chocolate flakes, all combined in one hell of a bite.

Chocolate Orange Cake

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