The Golden Era —Shwikar

If you want to be like in the early 60's: Wear you half head up with eyeliner like Nefertiti. (1961)Unbuttoned shirt with hight waist pants is the official casual way to go anywhere, here she was at the club and playing a fashion designer rule. (1961)A black top with jeans and the necklace to make it major, AAANd the chair, yes the chair. (1961)Here when she was having the défilé and that's the dress she'd take the bow with, the model in center(Lobna and EL-Aziz and Omar El-shrief at your left). (1961)This movie should be seen at least once for the dresses only. (1961)The after party with that dress cut and I love it! SO MUCH! (1961)Welcome to the street style of the golden days, we have it from tomboyish to feminine cool. (1961)The girl on the right was a horse stable guard, and my style is similar to her, Am I wearing like an old stable guard?, Interesting... Regardless of the dresses, the interior was GREAT! and a good image for friendship. (1961)Impeccable. (1961)The ideal feline flick that make up artists still do till this day. (1961)My advice to you: your home wear suppose to look like that, mine as well, for me I'd go out with that are you kidding! (1961)attitude.(1961)Isn't that dress looks so much like Delpozo!! Let's play this game!!! (1961)Nefertiti Eyes again. (1961)The appropriate way to stand with Ahmed Mazhar (the guy on the center). (1961)Here's how to put makeup on a horse stable. (1961)This is a wedding dress yes. (1970)Oh Yes. (1970)She can dress like an Egyptain man and look the same, I'd turn to a complete man if that happened. (1970)Stripes!!!!!!!!!!!Caftan: Is what you can wear and turn you instantly sexy, It's the Arab definition of HIs shirt in the morning.(1970)A scarf on the head is everything not to mention the statement necklace and the a-line dress.(1970)A statement Face is the world.(1970)It may look like gift wrap but I couldn't left behind, plus the Dior look-like earrings. (1968)The look Vol.1. (1970)The look Vol.2.(1970)Attitude Again.(1970)You can't be over statement. (1970)Head scarf at home too. (1968)It's Spring! (1970)The V back with sequins on the edges! (1970)The 70's. (1970)The center hooped dress that will be seen everywhere the next season. (1968)Geometrically Amazing.(1968)The whole dress... (1968)From the head piece to the statement earnings to the rufflesssss- Gucci ruffles! me 3 to you 1. (1970)Screaming gucci here!? (1970)Yep, SO gucci. (1970)Can I refer that his look is so cool as well. ps: he got wet and she dressed him. (1970)Is that a pompom head piece or what!? If it is or not, I'm gonna start DIY one for summer. (1970)This head piece was commonly worn by women of rural areas, also by maids. It's hard to find a perfect one these days, I'd love to style one.(1968)Head pieces!! calling all the head pieces fans to gather here. (1967)Hello pom poms, lets have a party on every item in my closet. (1965)This is when she was arriving from London to stay at Egypt, the looks at this movie are so Arabian/ European inspired, the paradoxes that I'm always in pursuit of. (1970)Would you look at that. Chanel Dubai Cruise? I'm so winning this. (1970)Damn. (1970)3D flower on the face, stacked rings plus everything else, note it. (1970)An early 60's undo with her mother in that rule (Marry Mounib). (1965)Marry's Head piece and whole look! (1965)Doesn't she look like Gigi Hadid in this image? plus a necklace inspiration. (1965)A polo shirt worn with knee-length skirt and don't forget you head! (1968)Then add some fur to complete the sensation feeling. (1968)The Deep side sweep is renewed for spring summer. (1968)

When it comes to old movies I was only watching the comedy arabic movies and only if I pumped into one on TV, when I grew up (that was last year) and while discovering my identity that is attached with every visible/ invisible thing, I started to notice not only the art of doing a movie back then but the impeccable style of the great actresses that I find myself so inspired by without even feeling it. You can enjoy the slides and be inspired by, and also playing the “fashion memes” with mEEEEEH. Read the captions and comment if you want to!

This week we have Shwikar, she’s a famous Egyptian actress, was discovered by the Egyptian film director Fateen Abdul Wahab. She worked as a comedian in TV, cinema and theaters. She’s 80 years old and still with the same young spirit, doesn’t act any more but left a legacy behind. Enjoy the golden slides.

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