I have a crush on these MIU MIU crystal-embellished satin and shearling mules and it’s driving me crazy!

Although I try to make whatever I can when I have a crush on something (specially from MIU MIU), I took a long pause on this shoe to see what exactly making me this insane about it, and I discovered four things I love that if I find in any shoes will eventually have a crush on it:

  1. Flats, blocked heels and basically anything that can slide.
  2. Bows.
  3. Pointed, open or squared toe.
  4.  Anything velvet, sequins, FUR or party themed.

If you’ve anything falls in this four categories, I’ll have a crush on it, then you, if they got them all, I might steal it from you.

Do you have any shoe crush currently? What’s your shoe crush look like?

Photo @pernilleteisbaek

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