Street Style Consultation

Let's get into business mode.Graphics tee, leather and red: if I'd want a thing to buy and wear right now I'd buy a graphic tee and red skirt to rock the streets, Camille rock it really, space cowboy beige tee with a skirt that's actually from space with red boots! How can you top that!? Speaking of red and leather, we can add an odd pair of pants to our collection because first, black Friday is coming, and I’m gonna take that as a sign to grab whatever I was dreaming of for the last months, second: there's no 2nds, the first was pretty much convenient to me!Nothing ordinary about this image, you see that adidas shirt that you might have,had or never thought about it before, it looks good on every look, actually it elevate the look to a cool edge that I never thought and couldn’t not think of having one, adding to that a gold luscious velvet wide leg pants to match your interior, you’ve just gone epic.Serious talk: if you want to invest in something on black friday, think of a leopard coat, think of a leopard anything actually, I just saw Leandra yesterday in a Dries Van Noten pants pair and now Pernille in this coat and I just can’t get over it, it’s timeless, add red and you’ll be on trend again, the thing is redxleapord is just something you've to have to feel wildly cool. from Outside In.Supremest look, I should do a board only for tees.Thanks for the reminder, Veronica.Think of ordinary to the extraordinary: These sweaters that you might have a load of, think of cleaning your wardrobe today to know if you need one or not it’s your daily servivor base key in winter days, a one with wide sleeves doesn't hurt to buy but if you’ve got enough of those, this is just a reminder that you already have, move on.Forget what i just said, If you don't have one of those, Buy. one. now. let's do it together holding hands.Speaking of Leandra, se sent a message with that look that's saying; Do not forget about your satin dresses yet and add a sweater on top, pink loafer designed by me with same socks color on bottom to feel utterly viciously cool. Delivered and copied.Wear your slides with flashy socks, wear you jeans with shearling jacket. Meet me at wild lala land.Metallic, again, cause if you considered metallic that last sale or the one before that, think about it this time because after all, if you're not gonna resemble that you'd came from another space and don’t need bullshit in your life now, Then when?Do I need to explain more.I think all if us did the shirt x camisole layer this summer, what we might forget is to add a belt and a leather skirt to the equation all in one outfit, hashtag does my outfit get any Parisian that this or what! uhoh that wasn’t a question.Add a jacket, copy and repeat. Jk, but it's that awesome.If you're into pinstripes let's dig deeper and get it from Vestments this time, take a good look at this detailed photo and tell me if you don’t want to do this right now? Don't have a pinstripe button down, search in your dad’s closet or if your'e really really love it, buy one because it’s the daaaaaaay for that!! Damn I’ve to cut my excitement bit.We can rethink jeans, and long tailored coats because these not are nor my daily pair of jeans when it comes to the fit and if I thought of change this might be it, this must be it!

The thing with Pinterest is that every time you’d be scrolling it, you feel like you want to wear every picture, you want to write like that, you want to get inspiration just as much as that, it gives you just what you want.

My scrolling today was more of a style consultation, relaxing on my couch on a Saturday morning and want nothing else, for that, I made my styling board of how I’d wear in the next few months, would contain mostly red and leopard, beltslong coats, metallics and yes, graphic tees.

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