I just can’t help but post the things that are dearest to my heart, that’s what this blog for, and of course, talking about every other shi*&@ stuff I’m going through, still, right now, I’ll mention Tees, again, yes again.

As the weather getting colder in my city —a 17ºc at 1:58 on a Friday morning that could be so summery for some poeople!—I still wear tees every day, underneath tops, huge jackets, and on everything, it makes the statement that I just need to make—I’m easy on the outside and the total opposite on the inside which makes the paradoxes of the lifestyle yet again.

Yet, it could be a start of a great look, the fresh hint that makes it all settle.

I’m seeing myself more with it paired with skinny jeans, the super skinny perfect jeans that I ditch that year, I need to find it again and wear it every day, I know that will make me content somehow—oh I know this very well, it’s the “dress what you want to feel what you want” stage, and I love it.

I also did a very cooeehl Pinterest board on cool tees, sorry not so sorry, I just can’t help it, I’ve to share it.

Image: Gilda’s IG.