Style Diaries No°3

Let's start, read the captions if you want details.I start with this most of the days, I told you that about a million times also. Sometimes I end up with it.I found this jacket on my chair, it was mom's. Just look how it drops on one's body. H&M flare jeans only $2.5 yep! Undiz Bowie shirt, and Zara coat and shoe.You tuck your sweater for several style reasons...I tuck it for one reason.Mango sweater, Gold Indian bracelets form a local store, $1.5 for both! Zara high waist cropped flare pants and Mango flats.Now that sweater looks like a pj top part, for that reason we'll tuck it too. (also, the pants looks better this way) it was designed high waist to be shown!!Much better. H&M coat, mom got the same 'cause it was on sale, Zara Sweater, Zara cropped pants and a DIY Slides.I love the back of this coat so much, sometimes I only wear it because of this reason.Detialz.Same start point, however playing with volumes, here you have a very old Zara skinny jeans that I don't think I'll throw, a black Undiz Star War tee, a Parfios belt and a glittery block squared heel Zara shoe, all were on sale when I bought them.Added a silk Zara tux blazer, I don't think I wear as much as it deserves to be worn.Into detailz.Am I french yet!? I don't care. I'm rock-n rolling hun.I feel like an american formal girl here, I don't know why exactly. Zara Shirt, Zara flare jeans, and Mango silver pointy flats.Oh oh! And a Forever 21 pink shades.Socks are $1 and don't ask me if that's cherries or flowers because I just like it and won't think further.No matter how one could flip over his head to the side for volume, he'll always end up with a flat one. Forever 21 Earrings.No make up and swallowed face, happy 2017!

Happy New Year ALL!!! I wish you the best not only in 2017 but in life at general, I wish 2017 will be the best fresh start for all of us, ’cause, we need that! we need it even if you’re the type of person who’s their resolutions are just written on their minds.

Before digging deeper into 2017 dreams (I dedicated a full post for that), I’m sharing with you, my last week outfits, that are not only a fresh take for me, but also, high-end fashion free.

It’s not that I’m against it, but since we’re talking about resolutions here, my first one would be being more honest with myself, and that leads to something that I never confess out loud even for myself: I’m broke at the moment. And only rich at heart and mind. Aside from that, I wanted to challenge myself, my style, what would you wear from your closet that only from retails shops, something you got at one point on sale, and you were so happy when you found it? Can you ensemble it all together? Without feeling the need of other stuff that —to be more honest— dazzle your look in femtoseconds?

The slideshow will bring that up to you with details of every look. Take notes, laugh, and copy if you admire!

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