I get a euphoric feeling every time I discover a new architect or an interior designer. I just can’t help it but explore every design they made or built, like a woman trying to catch her cheated husband.

That was the case for these two couples, Leonidas Trampoukis and Eleni Petaloti, who founded and directed LOT and objects of common interest. I became obsessed with their work together to turn any space into life; I can feel it, always had, always will; it’s a part of my DNA even if I’m off the field years ago.

I personally liked the clean look the two accomplish together, producing minimalist with an edge that when you contemplate it, can’t ignore the fact that you love modern design; you neglected it in your architecture school and preferred the old classic on paper–that I nowadays feel both are connected a certain, very solid way–, but you can not not think about your five-years-from-now urban conceptual space you own/design in the woods that becomes one with the space.