Ana Gimeno Brugada Makes You Wonder about The Anatomy of Style

Did you confuse her for a man? Excellent, now watch how a woman can dress in a maximal masculinity.Observe.Because it's gonna be fun!Recreating the french strips concept.When I think I've seen all kind of coolness, she appears like this, erasing every conflict I've had about this term.She's into Navy, red, plaid scarfs and military coats/jackets and gold details. I can't get enough of this.I saw everyone wearing that track fine trousers everywhere this fashion week, no one did it like her, Socks are a continuation of the pants. The gloves & the details on the scarf are the reflected light from the bottom part.I'll give 5 for both looks.Monochromatic base as a starter not to forget the clean scarf, add a burgundy beanie and camel coat, and sick shoes, know you palette.A masculine look at its finest; close the first button of the jacket for maximum definition for the argyle sweater, add a textured socks to make people contemplate.What I call "sea meringue", with cargo pants and all-- orange hues necklaces with the plaid scarf color. I didn't came up with the slang for nothing.Observe the shades, the textures and the silhouette. I really should reconsider my bottom wear. we talk about jersey shirts for a moment!?Can we!I believe that this is Dries. How it can not be.You have to take a moment to digest Bettina Oldenburg look.A clear manifestation of what stripes should be worn.Is this a jumpsuit!?This how I want to wear my Adidas track pants, or with flat mules and socks.How she's making it that easy?You probably have smilier pieces but never thought of styling them like this.I think she started with the trousers finding her way up.Define Monochrome.Fine track trousers are everything I want.That was partially a minimal look until she added the Red, the glasses and the clogs.Music to my eyes.If you really into suiting this season.In case you wonder how she do summer wear-- think Yves Saint Laurent moroccan days.Also this.

This morning I felt like I don’t wanna get up. I woke up at 12 pm, which means you’re technically in bed from 7 am untill you get hungry and decide to go to the bathroom first and after 10 min there, there is no way back.

After coffee, I regret being that stupid for not waking up and doing myself a favor and dance, workout or even eat whatever would make me happy that sure wasn’t lying in bed even without anything in my hand to check. So after waking up I scrolled MR and couldn’t help but click on the 5 outfit from Men’s fashion week to honestly grasp what I could wear these upcoming days when I go to Egypt (10°c) since I’m certainly in the mood to go to the boys’ town this winter.

The last image on the post stopped everyone on how this man could not only style, but being able to bring out his attitude through his wearing– which should be the normal case for all of us. When everyone started to comment that this isn’t a guy; it’s actually a woman named Ana Gimeno Brugada, I started to loose my mind.

I went on searching for her not believing how ignorant I am for the fact that I was blinded by other fashionable people that I never saw her before. Taking into account now that there are a definite street style photographers who know what style really means.

She doesn’t have a wiki and that’s where you start to love her more, However, I knew from her Instagram that she’s a stylist and a fashion consultant, who’d be if she’s not!? I found out that she’s not originally from Italy but sure I can see the culture in her wear. She does brogues like no other woman, loves Marni, Dries and adores Gucci.

She was a reason enough to not only wake up today; but every day to have this ecstatic feeling about wearing again; observing her attitude that you feel it came from a magical powerful piece of cloth you want to have; when you know it’s the other way around, or it’s equidistant. She awakened a few points in me like;

The only reason I’ve had done with my blazers is because I don’t know how to style them anymore.

Rethinking all kind of pants– ditching my jeans.

I never knew how to style strips.

The originality in her timeless masculine style grabbed my attention more than the runway wear.

When I think I’ve seen all kind of coolness, she carries herself like this, annihilates every conflict I’ve had about this term.

Images: Tommy Ton, Le 21ème, Style Du Monde, The Sartorialist, and Pinterest.

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