Pre-sleep Style Thoughts
I know this photo session is so last year but I just pumped into it again today and noticed some style stuff that can’t be neglected and need to be out right now, you know, fo ma self, that’s why I made this section anyway, welcome to my pre-sleep style thoughts bout Mica Arganaraz.

  1.  Wearing your Adidas shirt upside down and that will take it to a whole different scale.
  2. Consider wearing a whole Adidas track suit because that thought you didn’t think of in about… a whole month.
  3. Dare to wear your hair like that. Just like a shaggy messy damn good used head mop; that when your head is down, no one can tell if you’re a girl or a boy.
  4. Add a style detail to your track pant, perhaps fold out the waistband!? well that is definition.
  5. Don’t wear makeup, don’t shave your arms.