Button-down Shirt with Jeans

High waist flared cropped jeans with rustic shirt (when you can't describe your jeans in one word, that's when it gets better).This is how to wear an oversized white shirt!A scarf, necklace, belt and lines to add to your jeans.Effortless. (one word is the best to describe it here).You can do it from back.Or Emmanuelle's style.Or Orr Leandra's!Elin's.Ok, enough with this, I love this one! Sara hehe.Bold stripes to let the air IN to you.I've read before that this pair are YSL. If you know the deets of it, tell me!Relaxed and the shirt's out. "Msg: I've a very chill life."HELLOO! and goodbye.

While getting dressed on another morning —that I wish to be in right now, I asked myself a serious question, What are you wanting from getting dressed this morning? Do you want comfort, lightness, craziness, chic with seriousness aroma, no, I won’t say french! All to get into the fun loop of choices and get out this day with the best version of me.

But this only takes place when you’re in a good mood, which happens approximately one week in a month, where your hormones don’t kill you.

For the other times, now, I’m on Pinterest (addicted now), I’m stopping at the button shirt jeans every.single.time. Maybe that’s because I always write on my PJ since I moved and never get the feeling atmosphere for me like I used to. I watch how everyone styling it, you think at the end of the hour (two) of scrolling that it’s not just a shirt and jeans, it’s an attitude.

Take Emmanuelle Alt for example (I take Emmanuelle for every example), I first noticed her when she was ensemble the cropped skinny jeans with a top framed with one of the Balmain long slim jackets and ever after you just know it’s her without seeing her face. She now changed to flared cropped jeans remaining the aroma of french stripes or a relaxed white shirt, you see that and think… identity, you know her posture you now how she adds to it not vice versa, hence, attitude. Count that one of a few in the fashion industry, Leandra, Elin and Pernille were of the most I admired for styling it.

The nonchalant feeling that you get from the two pieces is relevant to “how you want to be delivered/ translated” but that’s what style is right? and this is how it always should be.

When that could be done with a simple two pieces, that’s the ultimate style for me, a lot can wear 501 but few who you can remember.

Slide now because it’ll give you the recipe of how to wear a button-down shirt with jeans. Try different cuts you like, play with it and ADD.  Because you can get a lot just from one jeans and a button-down shirt.

For me, I’d wear it just with that. All of it.


Images: Pinterest.

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