La Roche Posay Dermo Toleriane
Fast and soft on the skin
Doesn't clean pores
Super easy to use so it's a time saver.6.5
Doesn't leave my skin squeaky clean. I like it squeaky clean.3.2
Good as a makeup removal.7
You'll feel like It doesn't rinse off well2
Reader Rating 1 Vote

I have a combination skin. Oily on the T zone and normal on the rest of my face. I love to use French pharmacy products and I always find that La Roche Posay is the best when it comes to cleansers and SPF. I’ve been using the Effaclar cleanser for as long as I cant remember now, and I love how it leaves my skin noticeably clean and get rid of the oil and ready for serums and moisturizers.

I ran out of Effaclar the last month and when I went to the pharmacy to get it, I didn’t find it—thank god for having French pharmacy products in my country and thank god for not discontinuing this product because I was about to freak out when I heard the words coming out of the gentleman’s mouth. They discontinued Avène Clean-AC moisturizers in my country and I substituted it with the Glossier priming moisturizer and I still haven’t figure out what I’ll do when I finish that tube.

Anyway back to our original story. The gentlemen offered me to try La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo Cleanser. It’s a milky cleanser and makeup remover. I’ve never tried it before but I thought it was worth the shot since I feel that my skin needed a lighter moisturizer at this time of the year. It’s a super gentle cleanser yes, but I don’t find it cleans my pores as much as the Effaclar does. I’ve been using it for three weeks now but I can’t say that I love it, and when it comes to cleansers, it’s neither you like the product after you use it or no, so I’m sticking to my the latter option. Now, tell me if you tried the two cleansers! And leave your votes because it’s just kinda fun.