15 Cool Summer Outfits To Wear Daily

Can we talk about romantic white tops for a second here? Worn with white denim? @lucywilliams02Ah, Ok, so it is something that I need to have in my life right now! I already have one but it doesn't give the same vibe, I think this one is Isabel... @SandrasemburgEven if you're not in Morocco, you can wear it like @Shionat to feel like you're there.A dress worn like a robe with pants of the same shade and fabric. @Chiaratotire you're killing me.Since her viral fashion week outfit, she became my IT girl, though I don't ever think about it, @juilepelipas is someone that I'm studying right now.A top notch from the source itself, ladies, and poor gents, bike shorts are totally back.Infatuated by this @christinecenteneraHave you ever considered adding a wave belt to your buttoned skirt/ top combo to make it feel more French? @Eleonore.leojeanne speaking. Replying: No, but I am now!A semi-formal day at the office? Most of the days! This is how to blend formal chic with your cool summer wearing in one look @Camillecharrierespeaking of formal, Best easy casual formal look? @eliinaolofssonBest advanced summer formal look? @eliinaolofssonGanni checked wrap skirt with crab Cancer beige sweater? YES PLEASE. Who's taking orders here!? @linneklund look.Why do I have this urge of wanting full beige, mostly linen closet this summer? Why do I always think of beige/ white jumpsuits to buy this summer? And why I want to wear it with neutral Birkenstock?See! @lucywilliams02More beach vibes please @beatrice.gutuThis summer is labeled Leopard. This is the it skirt of the season. @nycbambiI feel like this look has just nailed Summer. @loouloudesaison

Admit it, you can’t get enough of cool summer outfits that prompt you to play more. These that when you see it, you feel like it’s so easy to dress like it! Wondering why I never thought of this! Why I don’t do that anymore! Or I already have most of this stuff, I’m surly going to copy it tomorrow!

I’m not here to talk about specific pieces I’m here to show you some pieces styled together that you might already have, thinking of having, or will consider after seeing it.

Most of it is from my saved “Outfit Ideas” file I have on Instagram.
Although it’s not the best creative name on the world, it holds what I see the most creative stuff one can put in her body every day. It’s casual, breezy, airy cool summer outfits that I’ll copy instantly at any occasion in this weather. So read the caption of each photo to know what my mind thought when I saw these cool summer outfits for the first time. And please, don’t forget to tell me about yours!

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