22 Best 90’S Fall Outfits For You And Me To Replicate Today

90’s fashion didn’t come suddenly in front of me and I had to accept it. It crawled her way to my slowly last summer when I found myself saving and screen shooting every picture of Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts’s style whenever I see it while scrolling the cyber. Then I find myself taking something as a trend, for example, Julia Roberts curly hair–then later became a lifestyle for me, if she can rock it so can I. I already have the locks for crying out loud. Then I picked the tiny glasses from their style. And after that the large blazers, then the bike shorts trend and then and then. Now I’m in a place where I want to wear it all. Sometimes I replicate the same exact style because I already have all of the pieces. I believe you do too.

I think 90’s style was what we call minimal now with one statement boom chikalala piece in the look. Even if you’re not a minimal girl like moi, you have those basic pieces. The question isn’t how we got here because we already know the cycle, the question is how to enjoy it more? how to get more benefit from this?

Here are a 20+ best 90’s fall outfits all the IT girls rocked it back then that can serve your transition from summer to fall 2018. I already have a highlight on my Instagram from last winter about 70’s, 80’s and 90’s style if you want to see more. Although I hate to talk about fall from now, I have to think about it, I see it everywhere now how can’t I!? I mean seriously what do you need in this transition whether more than your father’s blazer and your old cardigan to talk about. I’ll leave this for the pictures to answer.

Ok, on another hand, fall is just fun! I mean mixing your best summer dresses with your best coats without feeling bulky? Pairing it all with your favorite summer sandal… Ok, fall is just heaven.

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