About fashion paradoxes  

Started this blog in June of 2010 when I was a student at the Architecture school. After graduating, I only thought about working in fashion but it wasn’t that easy, never is, never will be! I worked in an architecture office for a year but I quit because it wasn’t what I wanted to do in life. I was writing posts on my working hours and teach the intern guy about jeans other than skinny more than Architecture.

I always wander about life in paradoxical way of thinking and achieving things like; I want to change my flaws but accept them. I want to take myself less seriously but also more seriously. I want to have a stable family life but also have an adventurous careless one. I want to enjoy now and have the energy for the future—which is really difficult. I want to write to share a thought, but also express what in my mind so you can get it from one image or an illustration in a way that I could never do in words. I want to deliver who I am through my daily ensemble—I wear badass bangs, cool clothes that does reflect me and yet doesn’t reflect my deepest personality which is more calm and eager for inner peace. And I want to wear a gown for everyday grocery shopping, and denim and tee combo to the Met Gala.

Welcome to Fashion Paradoxes and if you have any questions for me or just wanna say hello, email me at fashionparadoxes@gmail.com