Find out about the hottest beauty trends, skin care, best buy, tips and looks for makeup, hair, and nails. Yes, it’s all in here guurll! Ah, did I mention that I talk about natural beauty the most!? Ok, I talk about myself and my experiences the most; you’ll find a lot of curly hair talk, no makeup makeup tips and tricks, hairstyles, hair and skincare products and even how does it feel to go neutral every day (yes, I’m one of these girls). These talks are the best of all. Get your cocktail and forget yourself in this black hole, believe me you’re gonna have fun.

do you

Do you!?

When you are in any store that has a beauty department, even if it's a supermarket; you pick something to smell/ try it first then you're finally convinced to b...
Glossier Makeup

A Glossier Story

  "Have you heared of that beauty brand that Emily Weiss launched Glossier!?" Me, saying with excitement in a facetime conversation. "Yes! You ha...
korean skin care


Update: Sitting a bed in bedroom with beautiful arch slash studio slash living room with things on the corner from Ikea to set up, also. Ahhh I miss blogging...