Recipes and Body

Recipes and Body, you know how much I love desserts and food in general! So this is my guide for best recipes and healthy easy meals. Nevertheless, how to sustain positive body image along the way.

Indian Vegetable Rice with Kofta

Going Indian Today

You know that I love to cook! or in another phrase entering the kitchen and make any desserts I love and eat it all by myself! Sometimes this method could relea...
Chocolate Orange Cake

Chocolate Orange Cake

Chocolate with oranges... the next dimension of orange, I do love a freshly squeezed oranges but I don't like to eat oranges alone like any other fruit, but I r...

Cakes Lover

I'm a sucker for cakes. It's my weak point in desserts, Remember when Miranda from Satc fell in love with cakes and  made a chocolate cake mix that was so satis...