I Need this! No you don’t get it!! I need it so bad!!!!

As my life depends on it.

That’s what we say all the time about items that we really need that bad, that we won’t think about any other thing after our minds manipulated us with the word “I Need” that you’ll not survive the mother earth without this thing between your hands. Then we recognize we don’t need it at all right after purchasing it.

Like that hair product that I kept dreaming of having for so many (well months) and when I had the buying orgasm of it, I totally forgot about it after 2 exact days. Now I see it dusted on the shelf if I even notice it. As well happens with this new top that still in the shopping bag since last year!

So in your opinion, Why the things we don’t have look so pretty in our eyes? Is it always about that new shiny things? that light that makes it so perfect for you on the rack? Why we always have the dilemma of wanting what we can’t have? In real life and shopping life? Are those related somehow? Or is it just because of a previous regret experience about not having what you wanted? Talk!


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