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10 Things to Take from NYFW Spring Summer 2018

I watched everything at this fashion week that was held in New York. Last season, I watched it from my Instagram screen. And only fully watched the big shows from each city.

There’s something in the air this season that I’d like to call gumption. Every brand is doing only itself. The trend that there’s no trend, or at least, there’s so much more trends to discover to see which one you take and add on. You have the right to choose. To feel a pattern, an energy, even a whole style that utterly speaks to you and only you. Then you see the whole world understand that language.

I marked some things this season 1/ Because it’s fun to file and organize your Girls-I’d-love-to-be (doesn’t include the girl herself as much as the style that walked the runway) 2/ Our talk will be not about reviewing the fashion week—this time I’m on my desk though—But the thoughts that I got when I first saw each look. It’ll be like watching your favorite sport, isn’t fashion your favorite sport anyway!!!? 3/ There’s no three, the first one is enough for me to accomplish to be happy.

No°1 The millennial pink is now 100 shades of yellow

Albeit I own few shades of pink on my summer wardrobe—few as you can count on two hands nothing more. I also got into this yellow feeling and got two pieces of this color. One is those sick slides that are trying so hard to be MIU MIU and loved them for the hard work they showed. The second is the dress that I framed in my wardrobe that you can call vintage (it isn’t though) that I’m saving for a special occasion. Because let’s be honest, yellow is my favorite color, yes. I love to open mangos often to see more shades of that color.

No°2 Full—sometimes patterned—Suits

It’s a thing that I’ve been into lately, I’m trying to find more of those pieces. A month ago, I was shopping in that local store that I didn’t step a foot into for almost six years. I found a great cardigan there that has flamingos print on it, then I found the Bermuda pair of it and I went home this day feeling grateful for such a look that I’ll build because of this suit. However, the Bermuda came on me so small that I had to return. I asked my mom before I traveled to find it for me in my size and revisit the store. She’s still working on it. I’ll call her today for a reminder.

No°3 Puff it here, Ruffle it there

We’re all into this trend, not because it looks good on everyone but because paying attention to our shoulders is an obligation that we’re devout to because it simply makes us happier at that moment. We won’t cut it soon, as a matter of fact, we just started here.

No°4 That 90’s blue denim color!!!

Can we take a moment to bring more of our past here? I didn’t think of this denim color since my teenage years. Dark blue denim with gold topstitching… remember the True Religion jean? I wore the copy of it and enjoyed it. I can remember it now because I loved it so much. I don’t mind adding it again to my daily wear to complete the Looks of 90’s Route I’m taking now. However, I don’t think Derek Lam pieces are denim but the color here so we’ll file it at the same category.

No°5 Never forget your head, nor your waist!

I may change my words now of forgetting my head as a part of my wearing every day. It’s the least part I do anything about. The sailing hats—as I call it, the wraps, turbans and the bows all now will be filed under—reasons I love about wearing clothes every day. Ditto it for belts!!! How was I living again!?

No°6 Cardigans & Shawls

We have this thing here—the street style in Egypt. When the Autumn hits our city, we all grab out our favourite, rich with colors shawls and add it to our summer looks. It’s the best time of the year for all the girls. You get to layer and you still wear light. Meaning: you never feel suffocation and you even look lighter with a shawl on—A movement factor due to the wind. As in for cardigans, I re-worshiped the piece when Prada came out with a collection with cardigans. Now, I feel like I’ve wasted my life not wearing a cardigan around my neck, or giant flowers around my waist.

No.7 The jeans suit

Yesterday, after I knew that it is a thing now to wear a full jeans suit. I saw a girl on the street with the same perspective. You can get from her look and the way she lives that she never looked at a fashion show before to get an idea from. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t on the same wavelength of all those creatives. Because she did it really well. She was wearing a shirt… no a shirt dress… a jacket??… It was as if you elongated the denim jacket to the knee length. Pair it with straight pants of the same denim tone. She wrapped her head with a black scarf and wore white simple flats. I wanted a picture of her, but it was very hard to get. I also got scared of the area we were both in, it wasn’t a safe area to act freely in.

No°8 Check it all, gingham more!

I love a check top. A more complicated version never occurred to me, maybe I’m a short sighted person, maybe I never thought of how flattering it could be on one’s body. I’ll work on myself more.

No.9 Flats more, even more

I love where’s the fashion world is heading sometimes.

No°10 Giant Bags

I’m not with that trend, I don’t think I’ll ever be. I said OK to the regular size bags because yes, sometimes I need one, but this is just too much to carry around. Team Mini let’s do a march now!

The good thing about it all that you can file it all and wear it all at the same time!!!! Or maybe, that’s just me here, now, to you, what’s your takes at this NYFW?

Images: Runway Vogue.

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