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3 Cool Party Looks on Budget and From Your Closet

Holidays are basically here, chances are you’ll attend at least one party or a holiday event in the very near future. Are you freaking out right now about running out of time and prepared absolutely nothing to wear? I’m here to tell you I got your back. Would you join me in the comfort zone of, I know what I’m doing, in fact, I have more ideas than I need on what to wear on New Year’s Eve event, work parties, all the holiday’s parties. So what do a cool party outfit looks like? Let me rephrase that? What a cool party outfit that I could have most of it but never know about it would look like? Since you’re spending all your money on gifts (please don’t) spend it wisely on your holidays’ looks (if you want to but not obligatory) you’re here basically to take ideas from these pieces.

We always reach for the classic holiday favorites, the metallic, sequins, and velvety pieces to incorporate in our daily looks. Thinking it’s OK to wear these fabrics while getting coffee in the morning. But we love fashion paradoxes so much that ironically we don’t want to be a disco ball at the time that everything becomes disco ball themed!

At this time of the year, it’s our excuse to be disco balls without any judgments. And for that, which ball would I/you want to be this year? Are you going for:

The No Dress Look

When you’re tired of wearing dresses for all the parties and want to be more practical in look and core. There are 0 chances to trip in this look and look as bad as you’d in a dress. Other than tripping, god forbid, it’s an excellent alternative for these extra moves on the dance floor.
These are tops to choose from

to wear with Pants

you can go for skirts or jumpsuits

and wrap it all in these outerwear

The Chic-est Party Dress

The complete opposite of the first look. You love dresses, you’re waiting for this time of the year to wear more dresses. You’ve imagined this time of the year in your head since June. Falling chances are similar to the latter look, because if it’s the best dress around, you’ll feel graceful in it, and if you feel graceful, you’ll fall gracefully like Jennifer did in Dior circa, which, in this case, is not bad at all.
If you decided to be a disco ball, I suggest seeing these first as a reference. Although these are not on budget option, they are amazing pieces to know which game field you’re playing on. Attico has a great collection and also does Magda.

Now the on a budget collection, Mango has a great selection.

The Classic LBD

When you can’t go wrong, you can’t go wrong. You know what you’re doing, everyone in the room also does. The idea in the head seems so safe to start with, but if you executed it with the right accessories, chances are timeless photos to look to when you’re ninety. So seriously, which ball are you going for this year?
Let me just say the first H&M dress is $24!!!! Ok, bye.

Of course, Cinderella needs a pretty shoe after all. I included some of The Real Real Manolo finds because there’s no better time.

All the Other Stuff

I won’t leave you here are you kidding! Bucket bags, belts, crystal pins, pearl hairclip, rhinestones earrings, pearls necklaces, and velvet bows just to name a few of the stuff that you already bought this year in the name of trends. Use it now. And don’t forget to balance it all with your makeup, ok, I’m kidding go for it all, it’s a once in a year event, go full package or go home.

Original illustration: unknown, but please if you do know tell me.

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