26 — Four Sixes is the Number

My 26th Birthday was on the last Sunday, it has four 6’s on it that I think is really something even more than the big 25. It was on June 26, 2016, I’m turning 26 so all hilarious all crazy and I thought that the best thing to do this day is to go somewhere new, mark as done a heavy weight on achieving but not on dreaming “When I hit 26” goals and make it an epic day for what it appears to be already…

On Friday

Freaking out. Don’t know why I’m here or what I even do. Feels like the world is cruel and don’t wanna live in it and this drama was the real normal life that I couldn’t put my hands on its real problem exactly.

On Saturday

Starting to calm down, feeling the complete opposite and didn’t believe the dramatic shift on my mood. Settled for the achievable fact that this birthday going to be epic. Even if my best friend is not here, my family isn’t around and the heavy weight goals did not come true, not even close. But the fact that my sister and my friends are willing to celebrate it with me warms my heart, feel grateful for the loving wishes. Even if I said several times that I would love to stay home this night and be complete with this semi-new mega self-relization and genuine self-expression feelings that I have at the moment.

On Sunday’s dawn

Sunday hits the real epic feel. Those two empowering feelings were too rooted that you can connect all the shit of the last year into dotted steps you climb into a way of winning those feelings. It’s a Saturday night life in NYC and I’m living it fully face timing my best friend, crying, laughing and having a blast. Talking money wise, dreams that came true and those which still in route, having a blast of the fact that I’m older! Discussing what to wear on the big day and that does include slides because the ensemble represents a new different cool head that cares so much about the fact that Summer is a noun and should be respected by giving it all what deserves—celebrating feet with slides everyday my lady.

The day:

I sat this morning with no worries, after my blog has been my outlet for my up’s and down’s for the last year, sharing stories of pre/ post mature struggles every time I feel down or thankful. This day I watched the surprises arriving on my lap even though I hate surprises and did everything to not happen particularly this day.

As the time pass and feel extra grateful, you can identify the best in life, aware of all the lessons you learn along the ride, that came from a family member, an experience, a serious sit with your mind, or even an ex from a serious relationship. Or even the majority of things you’ve learned at school (Though I still think I didn’t learn shit).

I for once, am seeing the full picture without any blur, more self-aware and stable. Is adulthood is the word that I’m looking for? I know what I can do and what I can not and evolve but never take myself too seriously. I can cook!! I can set up a blog and run my small business, I’m my own boss so I can wear whatever I want to work, and party at night with the respect of the day and years of learning discovering the difference between hard days, shit, and dark places to make it to this day.

At noon, my car made it clear that it’s not in mood for party for some reason and didn’t want to move. It’s a first for it to be completely breakdown and out of service. The car can’t move and so do I because the restaurant that I supposed to go to is half an hour away driving and I now have to wait for a route help to take it from my home street so they can fix it.

The help came at 12 am this day! I stayed home on my birthday as I was wishing to do so, but I mean, not after I sat my mind on going out and celebrate! What I’ve learned this day that is your wishes is your commands.

The day after the day

I celebrated the day after by eating every dessert in the restaurant and it simply the best for me, I rather have 10 pieces of cake on different tastes rather than one big cake! Or that’s what I felt like celebration on this day. I had a blast and so do my sugar level but most importantly celebrating the women I am now, will be, and ever was.

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