4 Chic Girls Share The Pieces That Keep On Giving

4 Chic Girls Share The Pieces That Keep On Giving

We always talk about fashion and trends all the time. Messaging each other every time we see something new we want to try on ourselves. In a world where trends are ending faster than a blink, we always give the appreciation look to the old item that stuck with us for years without complaining, looked great on everything, never disappointed us in looking good in front of the receiver, always delivered the message that we wanted in any occasion. Even if we tore, adjust, cut, and resew it all over again. It always welcomes us for more. We are talking about these items today. It’s like a tribute for one’s life that still keeps on giving. Renewing the ceremony with the ones that deserves it. Three of my dear chic friends shared with me the essential items that keep on giving. 

Susan, 30

I have a low-waist, long legs olive pair of jeans that I bought seven years ago from Zara, I wore more than I can count on all of our fingers. When the style of the pair becomes anti the nowadays trend. I cut it shorter, and it now looks like a cigarette style skinny jeans. It’s one of my favorites uplifting pieces that I still wear whenever I feel stuck in “I have nothing to wear” dilemma. 

Tulla, 29

I have this denim jacket that I’ve been wearing consistently in transition weather. The logo is washed off now, but I think I got it from Stradivarius. The cut of the jacket is perfect for any look. The more it got old, the more I loved how it looks. It’s my go-to jacket these days. 

Mehitab, 26

My leather jacket! I bought it also from Zara 5 years ago and been wearing it ever since. I saw the style on The Sartorialist and when I saw it in Zara on sale, I couldn’t believe it, because I really liked how the girl styled it in the picture so it stuck on my head. Whenever I feel like I need the rock, chic mood, I add it to jeans, and a white t-shirt and feel like it in a minute. No fuss, timeless and serves exactly what I need.

Passant, 28 

I have so many! But if I have to pick one, I’m going to go with my strap beige leather sandals. I remember the story behind everything I bought and still have, especially if I bought it in sale time because this is when I enjoyed the adventure of searching until finding what I need within my budget. I bought these sandals in summer sale 2012 from Zara. They got a silver version of it which was all over the place, no one touched the silver pair haha, but there was only one beige pair left. I prayed that it was my size. My heart skipped a beat when I flipped it to see that its size was mine. Not a size bigger or smaller, it was meant to be. I was, still happy till this day.

What about you, do you have any clothing item that took the vows with you, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, that hasn’t broke it yet? 


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