5 Affordable Pieces For A Bajillion Fall Styling Ideas

5 Affordable Pieces for a Bajillion Fall Styling Ideas

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again. Mango is the new Zara. I don’t know better because you already know the relationship between Zara and me. Ok, it’s better, happy now! Don’t tell Zara that to her face, she might get hurt. #Itsisashe

My morning routine is a mix of reading stuff that might interest me around the web. And if I’m in the mood for “let’s see if there’s something out there deserves to be in my closet.” And because Mango is showing me #mangogirls all around my Instagram feed. I thought— it thought to make me believe that I did — let’s see what’s new there.

The new edits are full of oversized blazers in gingham worn by it girls. Corduroy suits that will make you change your mind about not wearing corduroy ever again since you saw a picture of yourself wearing a yellow pair of corduroy pants on elementary school and you didn’t like it that much.

They also got Adrien in the editorials. But that’s a particular issue I’m opening a thread about today on my stories, feel free to join.

All of that is great, but we won’t let this marketing strategy affect us without gaining something in return. Let’s focus on the styling ideas that we can do this fall whether we bought the same pieces or got more affordable ones. There’re plenty of styling ideas on the site, and I’m gonna walk you through it, the styling strategy has begun my lady!

The Minimal Color Blocking

Deep beige and red are the best color combination for this fall. I mean, it’s primary fall colors right! You can find outerwear in deep beige everywhere and match it with your red summer satin dress. Any item you have in red will do the trick really, and I’m sure you’ve got something red this summer! Plus, and you’ll be color blocking the Céline way.

Go For Seventies Vibes

Decorative seam flared dark blue jeans that look just like what Jane Birken used to wear. I’ve been trying to find something like this all summer to wear with white shirts, but I couldn’t find any affordable pairs. Now Mango is picking up the trend and giving us choices, colors and styling ideas. I think I’m in love.

A Perfect Office Silhouette

So this is why I’m in love, it’s so versatile. Add the later pants to a light turtleneck top, and a pockets plaid or leather jacket with a belt–it’s the new long coat– pair it with your favorite comfy boots, and call it every day is a chic office wear day! In winter, make the light top a thick sweater (like on the featured image), and you’re done here. They should name you the best-dressed woman in your section..

The Leather High-Leg Boots Are Your Everyday Boots

I said here that I want cowboy boots to wear them all winter long. I was wrong. I now wish to these because they’re so much chicer and just go great with literally anything. If you took a closer look at most photos, you’d find they styled it in various colors with almost all the looks.
I really like the white pair, but it won’t survive my lifestyle or my desert weather. But if you can handle it, you can go for it, and I’ll be jealous forever.

Cardigans Are The New Tops

Last winter, I saw french girls doing this trick in fall, wearing short button knit cardigan closed and tucked into high waisted jeans. Adding a plaid blazer on top of it at winter et voila! It’s by far the most comfortable styling idea you can do with what you already have in your closet. You can also wear it with suit pants or paper pants and adding a belt for extra goodness. I’ll try it with suit pants this fall because I’m so intrigued with this look.

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