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5 Takeouts from #MBFWA

In the lack style days I am in, there’s a fresh breeze in the air coming from Sydney slap me on the face, shake us to do more, pay attention to the details that might be the missing chain that make us approach this summer —as I always say— RIGHT. Right for you.


1- Always put your heart on your sleeves.

When I did a post about what I want to wear at the moment, it included the big giant bell sleeves that I now know wasn’t just me who feeling it, we all do want that and playing it like that! No worries now to put your heart on sleeves, we all alike in this matter.


2-Ears for years.

We’ve been talking about earrings since forever now, Australia statement it, I’m in Cairo here doing it and all the world seems like won’t be tired of it soon, and why not, now you can start your whole outfit not just from top to bottom but from ears to shoes.



3-We’re golden.

I believe that if you went to the route of metallic, you won’t be able to resist the shine and come back from it, especially in your feet, golden here is everywhere, from the little details to the timeless pleated skirt, told you I need one.


4-Write it on.

Slogan printed or calligraphy details is the straight statement that you can make daily, and it is my THAAAANG, I’m always having this idea about having a line of calligraphy T-shirts! Until this happen, I buy some to wear and share what I love here to watch.


5-Scarfs Scarves.

This old game is still On, I tend to forget about it lately or use it in different shapes but i need to get more of those vintage scarves to feed never filled appetite.

What do you apply the most from those details? and What would you takeout from this to step your dressing game everyday!?

Images are originally from my most favorite street style photographers, Adam Katz Sinding‘s site and Asia Typek IG.[/three_fifth]


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