6 Styling Ideas I’m Applying Now From LFW Fall/Winter 2019

In my opinion, The overall energy of the London fashion week Fall/Winter 2019 was so refreshing and crisp compared to New York. I felt like I have to share every piece I like, digest it, talk about it but most of it all, style a similar version of it. Because let’s be honest here for a second, why would I save so many looks from collections in my drive if I won’t pay all my checks on it? simply because there’s a distinguishing detail about each look saved that I can copy in my daily style. At this moment, what I really want from fashion week is inspiring looks. Complex enough to make me stop at it to contemplate. Items that haven’t been worn together recently or ever considered before, but at the same time give me that feeling of familiarity that I can approach with open arms. Fashion paradoxes at its best.

While I was saving the looks that mostly fitted my thoughts. I thought why not to share with you some of the looks that have great styling ideas that we can do right now as we speak! Let’s begin.

Different Texture for A Genuine Monochrome Look—Alexa Chung

The first look of Alexa Chung was so mesmerizing for me. All black in the best way possible, the textures variety was a real show stopper.

How to apply

Organize your black pieces because I’m sure you have a lot and find the textures that you never wore together and combine these pieces in one look. For example silk dress with a patent leather jacket and a velvet turtleneck. Play.

Vintage Look for A New Day—Erdem

When I look at vintage glamour looks, I find myself wondering why I never thought of styling my similar items together!? I have similar pieces, I love vintage looks. It is because I don’t look for references to these looks. So here’s a fresh one!

How to apply

Grab your sequins skirt that you only wore this last holiday season. Top it with a minimal sweater and cardigan of the same color, and close the first button for comfort. Add brooches and vintage earrings. Wrap it with black tights, colorful high heels. A pretty long fabric around your neck could be the scarf that will fly behind you in grace.

Knee-Length Dresses Revealing All of the Tall Boots—Christopher Kane

The dilemma of a tall boot is always arising. We wanted them to be this winter staples. Wore them with dresses and skirts instead of tights and skinny jeans for a fresher look. But apparently, the dress or the skirt has to be in a specific length for the boot to be fully shown. But have you noticed how in Erdem the boots were revealed leaving the dress inside the boot in a smooth way? the boots are never fully shown if it been worn with that knee-length dress. This is how to do it now.

How to apply

Before you leave the house, sit down and make the dress do its magic inserting itself into the wide shafts of your boots. When you get up don’t adjust the dress and let it drape nicely inside the boots. Now you finally can show the full look of that perfect cowboy boots that you’ve found in a sample sale and truly want to celebrate. I seriously enjoy this one.

Sweaters Over Sweater Dresses—Christopher Kane

Sweater over the dress trick isn’t getting old. But a pinstripe mini casual sweater dress with a simple sweater on top of it is absolutely the exhilarating part here. No, I won’t go to that jelly bah because that’s a whole new topic.

How to apply

Bring a light casual cotton pinstripe sweeter dress and wrap it with a plain sweater. Make sure the colors are cashing together nicely. Add white sneakers for a fresh on the go look.

Go to the Modern Superwoman Town—Emilia Wickstead

Be creative and wear things in a distinctive way, unleash that fashion director inside of you that want so bad to show her potentials. Wear your long scarfs but wrap it differently.

How to apply

Take out that suit you just invested in. Finally, you’ll wear the full suit conversely this time. Grab a long scarf, I believe any scarf would look good it doesn’t have to be matching but if you’re in the textured-monochrome state of mind be my guest. Before you wear the blazer of this suit, wrap two ends of the scarf around your neck in a very loose way as if you’re wearing a cape. Adjust the dropping part to flow on one shoulder. Wear the blazer and hide the wrap, leaving the scarf flowing in one side is a very easy trick to enter the modern superwoman town.

Huge Buckle Belts for Life— JW Anderson

JW Anderson proved that big buckle belts can be added to almost anything to uplift the look and your mood.

How to apply

It doesn’t need any hustle. Just when you think that your outfit needs that thing, don’t think of jewelry, think big belts.


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