A Fun Instagram Stories Take on Zara Sales

A Fun Instagram Stories Take on Zara Sales

First of all, Happy Newwww Yeear!!! I thought it would be good to say it to you the last to remember me the whole year!!! I know, smart…

As it’s the 6th day of the new year (luckiest number for me) I feel like I lost from the week of the year. You see, there’s another sale at Zara… A brand new year, that you’re determined you’ll make some conscious shopping on it and try to buy stuff that all scream recycle and consumer awareness.

But you know me with Zara, it’s a love-hate relationship that will never end.

This year, I told myself to only buy what I need (hasn’t this always been the case?) and only what I need came down to filing everything I want aaand need to be that extra stylish for the new chapter. The fresh page that I’m entering with every soulful, aware mind I try to have.

I searched for outwears and basic cheap sweaters that will last only this year but I know for sure will wear it every day. I loved a couple of things and added to —Stuff I cant afford but I need from Zara sale— folder. Yes, at some lives, when you have to make it out in this industry, this folder name could be necessary.

I was amazed by the variety of the bags and the shoes, and why would I be? when you’re not a bag girl and already loved so many bags from different houses and brands at one season, then Zara would have a plenty as well. Ditto for the shoes but you know that every girl is a shoe girl so I might like everything. Not everything screams that WE’RE THE COPY OF insert a house name, BUY US! Because that sounds helpless for me, but I like to play “Name The Original” at any time of the day!

While I was aimlessly scrolling Zara, I thought to play the game together at my Instagram Stories (believe me my stories are always fun and paradoxical, Real fashion talk ha, ha get it!? Oh yea). So slide it all and please, forgive my typos because I was posting too fast and didn’t think about every word. No English is not my first language but who cares anyway, it’s just an instagram story.

So tell me now, have you bought anything from Zara yet? Are you sticking to your resolutions this year!?? Any recommendations about fitted sweaters or cheap jeans that will be my lucky jeans that I’ll be able to wear for the rest of my life then write about it here!? Tell me.


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