A Guide to Spend A Sunday in London

I’m writing this post basically because I haven’t found a similar one while surfing the internet yesterday.

I’m working all the time, and yes, I’m going to use this post to vent about it a little bit. I try to use the weekend to just chill and enjoy an afternoon of doing nothing. But I realize that I have skipped the last few weekends to only enjoy stress. So, I decided to actually take a day trip to London. Something I’ve never done before, as I always think I’m fortunate enough to book a hotel for four nights there when I get the chance. But when the job says you only have Sunday to rest–Yes. you can enjoy London on Sunday– you can only book a ticket, get into an extremely comfy, monochromatic Zara outfit, and put a pair Adidas to be on the way to channel your inner Yeezy and start this day.

I got there at around 8:00 a.m., discovered that I forgot my Oyster card, freaked out a little, but then got a new one (£15). I began the day with -well, I don’t know how to say this without being overdramatic- a life-changing experience in the legendary Soho Italia Cafe. It’s cozy and smells delicious. Imagine being served a delicious, non-pretentious, cappuccino (£3) by an Al Pacino look alike septuagenarian Italian barista who is kinda rude, but you’re kinda in love with him anyhow. The cafe has one payment option, cash only. And with that old cash and coffee machines and many more significant details, you are left with an entire ambiance full with relics of a bygone age that can make you feel, somehow, more at the moment than ever. I can make this entire post just about this cafe, but I’m going to move on.

I walked out of the cafe and thought that I’ve never been to The National Portrait Gallery. So I decided to go there and promised myself to limit my visit to one hour only. But of course, I ended up spending the morning there. I can honestly say that this museum is now one of my favorites. It’s filled with portraits from different ages and times, from Ann Boleyn’s famous portrait to princess Diana, and the Beatles photos. My favorite part of the gallery was the Tudor section, I mean, these people had swag!

On the byway to the gallery, I spotted The Ordinary, I didn’t know they had a branch other than the Covent Garden’s one, so I took the chance to re-stock some Hyaluronic acid, cause you know, we gotta get that glow.

I love discovering new viewing points in London, especially free ones. With the help of Google, I found One New Change shopping center. Created by French Architect Jean Nouvel with wall-climber glass lifts that open up to a large rooftop terrace. You can get the best view of St. Paul Cathedral from the terrace. And on Sundays, you will have the place to your self, which is always a plus point.

Lunchtime came by so fast I took the tube to Oxford street because like a grown-up, I made a reservation in Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill, I ordered half a dozen of a type of oysters that I don’t remember the name of. It was salty, slurpy, and amazing. Hey! Did you know there is an Oyster etiquette? like, for example, you have to eat your first oyster with no lemon or dressings, and also you should turn over your finished oyster, you are welcome.

Since it’s Christmas time, I couldn’t just come to London and not go to Fantom and Mason, the most cliché Christmas store in the world, but equally festive and crowded. After that, I strolled around Oxford, and Regent Street to see the Christmas lights, that proved to me once again, that no city does Christmas as good as London— can you feel the bias?

I ended the day in Caffè Concerto for an afternoon tea at 6 p.m., because hey, you only have one day here, and one life to live.

And here you go, your guide for spending a perfect Sunday in London.

Here’s London in 1 day (Sunday) itinerary quick recap

Buy an Oyster Card, a £15 would cover the day.
Go to Soho Italia cafe for the best cappcino, £3.
Visit The National Portrait Gallery, it’s free.
Restock some The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, £5.90.
Go to the rooftop terrace of One New Change for the best view of St. Paul Cathedral, it’s free.
Go to Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill for the best oysters £22+ £4 for water.
Visit Fantom and Mason for a festive Christmas feel.
Stroll around Oxford, and Regent Street to see the Christmas lights.
Caffè Concerto for an afternoon tea, £15.
Trip Total: £64.90

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