A Hobby

Doing “fake” jewelry is my hobby, like something I could wear only once and throw it away, who cares! it did the job! jk I have some pieces close to my heart, because whenever I’m tired and stressed, this thing keep my mind so busy that I could forget about anything, just like reading a book, I need to find a perfect book for winter these days, any suggestions? Anyway that’s a necklace I made recently, it took me two days but I love it, rhinestone and emerald color stones (oh how much I love this color, it just so classic for me, oh and with navy, oh my) on a silver necklace, with a gold lock, oui oui, I love when I actually see something coming out at the end, it’s so thrilling! So Do you have a hobby? cliché yea but, I won’t tell.


A trustworthy beauty product recommendations I have discovered, tried and reviewed for you. Get your cocktail, write your reviews with me, and forget yourself in this black hole. Keep your point of view coming, I will only stop if you did. Ok, maybe not, I love this!!

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