A Precious Bag

I remember when I first saw this bag on the arm of Lena Dunham aka Hannah at GIRLS, I screamed the hell outta me, ahhhhh my bagggg! myyy lovely bag ohh, she carries it everyday like me, from season 1!

But mine here is a lot worst, I have it since i can’t remember when and i was carrying it every single day, till it lost it’s color and the leather fall apart, i didn’t care and kept carrying it, so when i saw it with Hannah i was like, Aha, yea Girl! great Geek people think alike.
Season 3 is over, was hard, yet smart, leaves you with a lot of thoughts, but the most questionable thing here is: Am I gonna see my bag again at season 4? (I’m Kidding). However, can’t wait for it, everyone’s growing and taking a new direction here, so let’s see what will happen.

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