Let me tell you something that you don’t know about Miuccia Prada.. (If you have a weak heart, please do not read), It’s a secret between me and you, I mean don’t tell anyone ever!, even if someone torture you to tell okay?! ready… The woman is an Aline.

Shhhh, yeaa she came from the other world, between us to make us wonder and cry all the time till we die and she came with her people to destroy us, believe me i got that from trust resources, how did I know? I saw her collection, Duh! you see, she came with few people from -I don’t know where- and based her inspirations on what she saw in our world, and make it all wearable AT the same time! you want fur and colors, BANG!, you want vintage look like coats that will never gets old BANG! gils faces on the dresses, shoes with sports socks, jeweled bras on top BANG BANG BANG! Name it!  She studied what a woman do at her day: wake up, go to work, gym, date or out, okay piece of cake, Also she said  lets combine that together with everything they see and don’t by this much attention or think about it that way (like sun and rainbows perhaps)… believed me now? told ya
(Did you see this dress with the jeweled bra as a crown on top of it?!)(pic.2)

And mission accomplished, she made me suffer, thank you Mrs. Miuccia, you make me suffer for a whole 3 hours now, scrolling up and down like 5 times now to understand why i’m so obsessed with that work, it’s a lot lot of work to digest in one time, honestly i don’t know if i’ll survive that… Thank you.

Breaking news people: Reported that she’s a clever strong “Normal” woman and her mission was to make us stronger than men! Is she really did that inside all of us, and made us leave the show with that feeling? i’ll let you answer that.

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