I always look up. People may find it very weird,
people who don’t know me enough and walk the streets with me or happen to be in a car with me will think I’m crazy for that matter, wondering what is she looking for anyway? Try to look at the same angle with nothing to find but a normal building for example, and When someone asks, I just say “I’m searching for good windows.”

It’s more than that actually, windows are the smallest but significant details that I look at in a whole building, for me, a window holds lots of stories, and makes my heart jump when I see someone who’s taking care of his window! Because like I said before, people just forgot about windows and balconies, and maybe the architect in me want to feed herself with that, looking up for beautiful windows —A personal touch imitates the art of windows all in one, that simple.

Just always keep your eyes open wherever you go, you don’t know what you might find and really touches you. Kisses.

So! Do you look up often!?


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