A Wardrobe’s Letter

The Row is always one of my anticipating shows in NYFW,  makes me feel luxurious like no other New York show, in it’s own clean fluidly execution, my mind and I was thinking about how to approach such a look and analyzing every look to see why it’s so different there, but my wardrobe interpreted us this time ( What!? do you think that wardrobes don’t feel?!) She wants to attend this show specifically, know what she’s missing and how could be inspired, and what to learn from such an experience, she’ll take notes in her way, other wardrobes are free to join!

-The Silhouettes are so flowy to the point that makes you feel you’re just so busy in the way you choose to look everyday, with the reminder of I really don’t have any clothes for you to wear, here in a whole different way!

-I need more white in winter, I love wearing white in winter!! Why I don’t have more white in winter!!! (excuse my heart attack, It’s my first The Row show to attend).

-The coats here are cleaner than any other coats I’ve seen, and I think you have to reconsider your budget for one of those #DreamHun.

-The Drum bag looks dead cool that I love the paradoxes of the luxurious elegant chic, and cool and effortless in one look!

-You could be in a total black outfit and look better than you’ve ever dressed in your life.

-Or in whole navy one which bring up the subject of —you don’t have anything to wear— Seriously speaking.

-I can’t express the crocodile boxy top with total white outfit without an open month and lots of uhhhh. (If you bring that to me, I’ll church that with my heart, I’ll keep remind you of it everyday and I won’t hide it from you ever).

(Self side note) I need to be that clean. In another word, I don’t feel clean at all, how they are so clean!? Yes it’s about the clothes, but everything is just so perfect!! There’s the great clean hair playing the role, the location of the show, the whole atmosphere they send me to, all in one image, that can speak from it’s cleanness.

-The same feeling I had with white, having it now with the beige shades, I’m closer to my stroke and I need to calm down.

-I need an oversize sweater to wear with everything you have, if you have that, you won’t take it off, trust me. you’ll walk on it like you own the world, that’s just what it gives me when I see it, the possibilities of wearing it is unlimited.

-The waist defining belt are here to stay.

-The Silk long coat, The silk long black coat.

(Self side note #2) You know, I’ll calm myself about not able to have those clean outfits with so many reasons such as: I live in Egypt and there’s no way to be in a whole white outfit, it’ll be like that for just 2 min. before it turns total yellow one, and the black outfit won’t make it easier as I’ll guard it with my life in my busy far from clean day, it just not meant to be!!!

-I don’t have dresses! I need dresses too…

-You can totally wear slides with tights under you skirts/ dresses in winter with everything you have and everyday and look like nobody ever made it that chic, it’s just the row chic code, and you’ve totally master it.

-You need to rethink the silk satin fabric and it’s existence inside me.

-Again, I can’t get my mind of the coats, long flowy to the ground clean minimal effortless coats.

-A pencil white skirt is a good choice to start building a good wardrobe.

I have walked out of this show (hypothetically speaking) with the acknowledge of everything were essentials in every wardrobe, though I don’t have it, i need to reconsider that concept all over again, being less busy and organized. Oh and please throw away what you don’t wear or ever think to wear again, it’s pathetic.

From a wardrobe that feels so far from luxurious and clean chic.

Images From NowFashion.com.


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