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I Wanted the Lolita So Much I Cried

A serious conversation about Adam Selman x Le Specs Lolita sunglasses started in my mind while scrolling Instagram when I decided a life decision of purchasing this item as soon as possible.

God I see this sunglasses everywhere I really want one! The last sunglasses I purchased was a lame Celiné version from Zara and I really would love to make up my face with this new one from Le Specs x Adam Selman The Last Lolita shades in black. It looks cool enough that I’ll enter an e-commerce site to see how much it costs. For notice usually, I don’t do that.


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After reviewing everything, assuring my mind and vice versa that it’s the right investment in the present for a brighter future. The harder step was not to click on to purchase it. You see, it’s very hard to move your whole life and adapt everything on it in a matter of six months because, for instance, the papers you need to get something as easy as shades online is pretty damn hard for me now. I have to get back to Egypt and change my full name on the passport and my ID to be able to get anything done on Jeddah! Getting something like a debit card is hard, getting my debit card to work in another country than Egypt is even harder— we’re very slow at this technology stuff. I’m not even trying to be sarcastic here.

So as soon as I can manage to transfer the amount of money to the other city’s debit card (Egypt) it’ll take up to at least two days, because it’s already the weekend, and for the card to acknowledge the fact that there’s that amount of this money on it—takes up to 2 hours, some times even 6, don’t ask me why, do not ask me why— So I’ve like 3 days to proceed what I’ve on my cart, ok that’s great. Perfect. EASY.

Day: Monday, Aug 21th

Item Status: Out of Stock & On My Wishlist.

Item Price with Shipping: $111, on Matches Fashion.

Money on the Card: $50

Money on the Way: $0

On Tuesday it was back to stock. I rushed to the bank on Wednesday morning and they surprised me with the fact that the account number of my card has changed. And since I don’t have it I couldn’t do anything. I called my dad hoping that he knew it because he was the last one that transferred money for me to it, but he didn’t answer of course. When I reached him, he said that Western Union had the old number and it changed automatically on their system because I was giving him cash monthly to transfer it to this card when he does his monthly bank visit. I waited patiently until Saturday for him to transfer me the damn money to my sister in Egypt, that already has the card itself to finally put it there. How hard could it be to get something online these days anyway!?

Day: Wednesday, 23th Aug

Item Status: On My Cart at Matches Fashion.

Money on the Card: Still $50

Money on the Way: $400

I started another a convo with my sister about Lolita and how this could induce the way I’m looking to make up my face forever; I now will have the coolest and most efficient eye makeup, the fastest eyeliner to put and remove. She got jealous, asked for one. I told her I imagined something like it last year and illustrated on a Prada model, she didn’t believe me, I got her the evidence. She was shocked.

I don’t know why I stopped doing these illustrations. It was so good that I can’t even believe that I’m holding now the exact same straw bag that I drew a year ago. A trend psychic? AM I!!!

Day: Tuesday, 24th Aug.

Item Status: On My Cart at Matches Fashion.

Money on the Card: $50, don’t even…

Money on the way: $200

A very funny story occurred, Western Union system was down in all Egypt for 3 damn days! THREE DAMN DAYSSS!!!! Forgot about the glasses for a second, Do the IT people at Egypt know the effect of that on the whole country/world? How’s that even possible!!!

In a matter of two days, Adam Selman Le specs Lolita sunglasses was low in stock. On the sixth day—the morning that I was writing this on— it was gone.

I wanted the Lolita so much I cried.

I woke up this morning thinking straight of her— and you may refer to as “her” now because it’s a lost friend for me now—I checked my emails, saw Lolita popping from Matches Fashion email, as it got back in stock, and I knew by that email that it was not. It was a reminder that these beloved sunglasses is gone. When I clicked on the link, a screen appears with a message of “Your shopping cart is empty” my heart smashed from such a screen. And by gone is gone from everywhere, Le Specs are not having there anymore, Matches Fashion, everywhere on the internets.

Except yes, Net A Porter which is selling it for much more and this is way out of my budget or even makes me think all over again of the following: Would I sacrifice all of what I have for a pair of Adam Selman Le Specs Lolita sunglasses? I proceed to the last step in the Porter site and paused for an hour and that left me only writing this.

Should I just get it now? or is my love is honestly not for her in specific, it’s for the fact that I just want to complete my summer look, but again, my summer look, my everyday look, would be nothing without it, even if I got now the perfect dress/ wedges/even basket. Am I in a consuming spiral? I feel like I’ve reached the stage that I need when it comes to summer wear, all makes me feel… complete but my face feels so naked now without it.

Day: Monday 28th Aug.

Item Status: On My Cart at Net a Porter.

Item Price with Shipping: $165.24, $55 more! Totally mad.

Money on the Way: …You know what, take it all.

By this time you know why I’m sticking to Matches Fashion to buy it. It even costs $119 on Le Specs without shipping.

I emailed Matches Fashion a hundred times freaking out politely about whether it’ll be eventually back in stock or not, because seriously I wanna get this straight; this “Add sold out items to your wishlist and we’ll email you if more stock becomes available.” message is so vague for me. They tolerated my craziness and assured me that every time I get this message it becomes available; but another person takes it before me. I guess in this situation, they just had one or two back in stock. At a point, I even emailed them once about writing this story and that I need it for my happy ending! I also emailed Le Specs and they told me it’ll be back in stock in October.

Day: Today.

Item Status: Out of Stock & On My Wishlist.

Item Price with Shipping: $77 on Matches Fashion.

Money on the Card: $440 (-$10 for Netflix).

Money on the Way: I’d like to thank my father, my mother, my sister… I already got back to Egypt and managed to put it there myself.

Matches did a free delivery on all item promo two days ago for a limited time—code is FREEDEL if you wonder— and for such an occasion I’m holding my hands tight for not doing any stupid clicks. My face will be dull until I get the Adam Selman Le Specs Lolita sunglasses in black; maybe if I forgot about it, it’ll come crawling to me! Someday I’ll rock these shades, not today, but very soon.


This was the ending of this post.

You won’t believe this.

I just got it. I JUST GOT ITTTTTTTT!!! Unbelievable, I was writing the last words; and then I got the same email ” your wishlist is back in stock” and I said if that happened now It’ll be a crazy thing!!!!! I was so fast that I don’t remember if I got the address right or not!

Day: Today at 11 PM.

Item Status: In Stock for seconds if you want it & On My Wishlist. You’re so late, I got it EEK!

Item Price with Shipping: $77 on Matches Fashion.

Money on the Card: $363 (-$77 for the lovely Lolita).

Money on the Way: A huge thanks for Matches Fashion, for giving me this opportunity everyday; and take it as fast as I could today.

Guess you’ll see me always in morning makeup now.


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