A Cheat Sheet of Where To Find the Best Spring Shoes

Let me elaborate to you the spiral of thoughts I have when I see a good pair of shoe on my Instagram in any upcoming season.
“Wow, spring is here! Would you look at all of these toe flattering sandals?
Let me see how much is… oh, ok, that’s not fun, it rather went to the funny side. Should I really spend all my payment on shoes… thinking deeply and doing the math on my head… No, I can’t. But these will be on my wishlist… Let’s be reasonable, search for alternatives that will make you feel the same feeling you felt before you check the prices. Let’s cheat the system, this is going to be fun…”

See, funny can be fun in such a case.

I’m organizing this by categories, sectioning it into three sections, the feeling it will give aka where and why to choose it, the original pieces I found and fell in love with, and the affordable alternative that I can buy now. Then wear longer than two seasons. Because yes, that’s what I normally do.

The Strappy Sandals

For every day and night, I see it everywhere and I have a similar suede pair which I wore here, and here. But I want a leather pair to wear this spring. The stripes are so thin which indicates much sexiness appeal into it.
Availability: Old Céline, By Far, The Row, Staud, Tibi, and Neous.

Cheat sheet: Everywhere actually! Zara has a variety of shapes, also Mango and TopShop.

Satin Slides

For the upgraded look that you don’t want to think further about. Just slip into a pair of these while getting your morning coffee and tell me how it feels like.
Availability: Naunushka, Miu Miu, Simon Rocha, and Roger Viver.

Cheat sheet: Reiis. Also, I got a pair from Zara but I can’t find them online.

Cross Strap Leather Slides

For the “she knows what she’s doing” look you can glimpse in people eyes.

Availability: Ann Demeulemeester, Gabriela Hearst, and Aeyde.

Cheat sheet: & Other Stories, Mango and Zara Also, this one.

Open-toe Mules

For channeling the running scenes of SJP in SATC, these particular shoes cannot look bad on anything.
Availability: By Far, Miu Miu, Staud, Prada, and Manolo Blahniks.

Cheat sheet: Mango, & Other Stories and this leopard pair in Zara.

The Square Heels/Toes Shoe

For formal fun looks if there’s such a word in your dictionary. I know these are not sandals I got the pair in the picture two years ago from Zara, and still rising in the trajectory of shoe trends. I even felt so happy when I saw the same glittery one in silver on Mansur Gavriel presentation this season.
Availability: Mansur Gavriel and Rouje.

Cheat sheet: Mango, & Other Stories and TopShop

The PVC Sandals

For the elongated deception that makes you love to watch your feet reflection walking in the shopping windows
Jimmy Choo, Neous and Stuad.

Cheat sheet: Mango, TopShop and Zara.


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