We all probably familiar with the parties we all do now and then in our arms, but lately I’ve been paying more attention to my ankles as a candidate place to throw a party on, it’s a great place for summer, you can invite all the summer accessories you want there since we all wear lighter these days.

I’m sticking to my JEANN dress that I got yesterday! —AHA, I got it, happy chicken dance is On now— and my cropped jeans, so my ankle is ready all the time for some parties, with finding the right slides on with it, I may chicken dance all the way home.

So rather you’re on a holiday now (I’ll envy you, or take me with you and we all be good), or you’re just enjoying yourself in the city (may you give your number and we can share a black forest!?) we’ll feel summery enough all because the parties we’re throwing everyday in the city, nothing stop us damn right!anklets

This time, I invited some really close friends, my favorite scarf that I almost wear while sleeping,   and my new bracelet/anklet that DIY, EEEK! I love it and I’ll do a lot more anklets to wear with it and also some bracelets on my wrist, tassel all the way my dear! Ensemble it all with my old time pal, my Birkenstock, with all the atmosphere going on my mind, I may find myself on the beach tomorrow morning, with my new friend from the city.

So if you want to throw a similar ankle party, here’s your killer ingredients right here:

Scarves: It’s the main element of the ankle party, my scarf here is vintage, satin silk and full of patterns is the best for me, it’s small so I can wrap it around without feeling chunky but not the smallest size, like men pocket squares! I think most of them are good sizes as you can wrap it only once and get going, if you don’t want some ties around, I found these different sizes for different party themes, on man and women departments:

[metaslider id=5590]

Bracelets: Yes bracelets because anklets is not the easy to find, look for something like cuffs or bangles to give some more size so you could wear anywhere or elastic bracelets will work as well, like these bitches here:

[metaslider id=5579]

Slides: Or sandals or whatever you can slide on and go, the easiest and most chic thing for me this summer so add those to my slides list please (ps: How AHHHmazing the first slides with the frill trim are!? coming soon and I’m rolling over to get them, dear lord):

[metaslider id=5581]

One more important thing, the best thing I hear for days now and completely represent me these days (don’t make me start talking), I through parties in both ankles together because of it actually! Enjoy your parties and tell me about your kind of ankle party!!!!


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