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Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of the prophet Muhammed (saw)!!! Or as we all call it Al-Mowled Al-Nabawi, it’s a traditional celebration in a lot of muslims countries, and we have our own sweets for that matter! ohhh the sweeetss…

I love this day more than anything, not only because it’s the birthday of the greatest man ever came on earth, but because all the pastries don’t make any other sweets or desserts for a whole two weeks because all of it has to be filled with Al-Mowled sweets! It’s like you’ve entered a turkish candies souk, but can be found on every single corner!

another candy - 1 (6)Ok, Let me talk more about the sweets— to define most the sweets, half of it are too sweet and very nutty, caramelized to become a small plate of caramelized roasted nuts, and on the other side you can find marshemillo submerged with coconuts with nuts on top of it or jello coated on sugar etc etc, so you get the picture—, and how I wait for those days to have it, because it’s very rare to find at any other time (not with this quality!) so you have to be prepared to pack your favorite ones and save it for the rough times —yes I need it just like you need ice cream, oh oh image it with ice creams!! the crunch baby!

I don’t eat all of the sweets because some of it is too sweet, but I had a giant box of what I love the most, like shoot me with roasted  coconut cookies or with caramelized peanuts (heaven on earth) or even with jello stuffed with walnuts, add to it a cup of black coffee (no sugar) and I’ll die having a sugar attack and won’t regret A.Single.Thing!

The streets feel so festive, because of Christmas (EEaaa Merry Christmas! Xx) and the sweets that everyone loves despite where they come from, then the New Year’s Eve (God, Are you ready!? I’m not), how could you not just love Decembers!
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