Are You Still on Facebook?

Are You Still on Facebook?

I join facebook 2007 and it was the heaven place for me to put the best inspirational stuff for me later to see, it was my online board before Pinterest that has all the stuff I love and interesting to me that I feel worth archived.

After 2010 it was so stupidly for me to be there anymore, you’ve all your friends and family there (you can’t lie or check in other places!) all my interest was still there but rather private for me only to see, and I barely looked at my home feed. On 2011 I couldn’t take it anymore, it was one of three things you’ll see in your home feed:

  1. Stupid sarcasm on everyone and anyone, it supposed to make you laugh but it doesn’t because it’s inappropriate to do this if you’ve manners, man!!
  2. negativity about the lifestyle in Egypt and the world were living in, yes it could be hectic sometimes but you won’t see people with hope, it’s always about the shit only and if you uploaded a video with negativity people will actually watch it and like it rather than the motivational ones because apparently this way they feel connected in shit together somehow!!!
  3. Religious shares: Daily stuff that supposed to be motivational for them and around the place. In my believes you could just do it for yourself you don’t have to pretend or make everyone else see those stuff to just think you’re a soulful person, because let me tell you the truth, I know that you’re full of bullshit when you share a sarcasm on someone and laugh about him with your friend then share this.
So I now only have a facebook page which to be honest with you I’m not so active on it maybe because facebook for me is just an old page that I don’t want to open again.
What about you? are you still active on facebook? and if so, How do People act nowadays on their personal accounts?


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