at home cute comfortable outfits

It’s 35th Day of Quarantine and I: Discovered Outfit Phases I’m/Wish To Be At

It’s easy to be in PJ the whole day. I normally have nothing against it. I’m in my PJ right now. Been like that for three days, and planning to stay like that all day long. I don’t force myself to wear cute outfits at home, not because I don’t want to, I just don’t have the power yet. What matters now is that I’m comfortable and that’s it. For Zoom calls, I’m following the waist-up trends and I’m done. For adding something nice but fast, I slip a good pair of shoes on my PJ and call it a day. No, it’s not weird.

On some days, I feel excited like I’d do anything I want. On days like this, I choose to feel nice, and cute comfortable outfits come to rescue. So, while scrolling Instagram, I found the outfit phases I normally hop on from day to day. Starting from the laziest phase of all:

at home cute comfortable outfits

Can’t do it, won’t do it

This is the most inactive phase. Where you just want these days to end, or on the contrary, actually enjoying the way it is without considering any looks but what you already wearing, your Pj. Still, you can look cuter by adding just a pair of hoops, maybe a ring, or stack some necklaces. Perhaps do something with the top, open it, close half of it, tuck it in your shorts, or do nothing at all with the top, and consider a new hairstyle. You may ask why I have to do any of it, and I shall answer because if you like to get anything done these days, you should make a small effort. Plus, you will feel good… ok, maybe even cool like Lou whenever you cross a mirror. I did the ring trick plus the hair flip today.

at home cute comfortable outfits

Just get done with it

Pretty much moving to this phase every now and then, and what people like to call a waist-up trend. Leandra here is picturing it cool, even if this is not a one-legged selfie, still I like the Mango cardigan with the beige turtleneck underneath. Nothing much is going on the down part but very comfortable PJ shorts, and a pair of socks.

at home cute comfortable outfits

Ok, considering it

Slip into the official quarantine look. You are fighting for survival in the best at-home look. Comfortable sweatsuits are the elevated version of PJ. You can easily catch on with your video calls without thinking of “what if my PJ shirt shows in the camera!?” And, you will be super-duper comfortable, relaxed, and more productive. I’m so behind this phase.


Pretty much into it

You’re officially in the “real clothes” phase. You’re inferior, nothing can beat this spirit and you get work done fast and efficient simply because you forced yourself to dress solely to… well, yourself. Camille Charriere’s look hits hard toward what I mean by “into it”. She is dressed in a black Nanuska top, beige flowy trousers, and a pair of Zebra shoes by Staud. I would like to be that active about getting dressed at home one day. Truly my #goals phase.

Which phase are you currently at?


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