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At Old Egypt, A Fashion Expertise

In the Fashion week spirit that I’m living in right now —omg I mean I don’t leave my Instagram for a sec!— there was that lady in another part of this world transcendent her street style towards everyone from an old area in Egypt that I spent the whole day the other day discovering it.

She might be just a poor lady for everyone, but for me, she was speaking out loud, more than me actually when it comes to her style, I was hovering around her casing for half an hour or so and I couldn’t love her more. At Old Egypt A Fashion Expertise fashion paradoxes photo1

When I talk about her style, you’ll see everything that you could wear in this time of trends rule the world but somehow you’ll learn from her how she carry it all in and out, from her easiness in everything to the extreme scream of her statement in her accessories, the scarf, the statement earrings, to the layering and velvet fabric… maybe that’s only what she has to wear (sure it is because we’re still in summer here), maybe that’s what she could’ve collected over the past years, but that didn’t change her personal vision of how she talk to this world, which that makes me provocatively think and say in loudest tone this time: if there’s something called paradoxical effortless identity, that it is. street style

street style street style


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