Is it really the 10th of August? Is summer nearly over? Noooo! Why everybody’s already talking about winter!? I love winter buuuaaat C’mon!

Okay for that matter, and because we can’t say goodbye to summer yet, and because we have to be ready for winter also (with good spirit), i’ll ask you some questions and if your answers are lots of no’s, grab a fuckin paper and write that down and start doing it before the summer ends, or Don’t. So!


Go to the beach (doesn’t matter how far)?

Laugh so hard that you cry and your stomach hurt?

Take good care of your skin to look the best possible at winter?

Make all the different braids that makes you feel like summer?

Take a shower and let the fresh air dry your hair?

Wear all the different kind of vintage shorts and the distressed jeans with espadrilles aaannd wear beach dresses?

Stack all the rings/ necklaces/ and the anklets you have?

Go out with no make up on, and swim with make up on?

Wear all the different kind of slides you’ve been buying since last winter?

Embrace your body (that you made all winter long) and wear your dream swimsuit?

Eat all the carbs that you want for breakfast and deserts as your dinner just because it makes you feel happy?

Let the sun play lightly with your hair color more to say did you get a fucking good tan that will stay for winter?

Feel the summer with all the summery music that you’ll accidentally hear at winter and remember the good summer times?

Stretch in front of the sunrise?

Sit at the beach till the sunset and swim at night?

Swim naked day/night when no one around?

Disconnect from work and set your mind on “Off mode” in your vacation?

Stare and smell fresh air from your balcony that views the sea and the mountains in your vacation spot?

Turn your phone off for the sake of the view and the company?

Breath slowly?

Sleep enough?

And last but not least…

Did you jump into the water without testing it first?

Image by me in Sharm el-Sheikh. 

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