I really love eyeshadows, I don’t use it too much, cause I’m kinda messy with it, but the more I feel the chills of the winter the more mysterious I feel, (the coats with the eyes in the middle of the night is just something I can’t resist), you know that formula? or you think ism crazy? anyway, I feel that it’s time for me to do those smokey browny shades again, I’m doing it everyday now, it’s so fast and I can’t believe that I made it without making it all fall on my cheeks, it’s a few simple steps and bam I got it:

  • The light shade all over the lid.
  • The darker shade on the moving lid and under the bottom lashes.
  • A highlighter on the inner corner of the eye.
  • A white pencil on the water line.
  • No mascara. it’s still Autumn.
  • No shimmery colors unless it’s night.
  • Your amaZing tall coat, you messy hair, Go Amaze.

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