Backless Vinyl Sandals

Backless Vinyl Sandals

I have an euphoria.

And if you’ve worked in fashion for so long (I mean saw a lot of good artistic stuff) nothing will shake you, you just get used to the wired, the awfully good and the really bad. Not a single item will make you make your eyes pop, make your heart goes___ for a second and just stand still from the slideshow rush in your head that shows wearing that item with everything you already have, and sometime with absolute nothing.

But few could.

Very few. In fast fashion, well that’s a joke.

But again it happens.

I don’t know what’s that drama that I’m making but I’ll stop now.

That backless vinyl red soles sandals from Zara made me feel that when I was browsing yesterday, did it to the point that I went today to search for it like a crazy person on the stores and convincing myself that there’s some error with the”check availability” on the Zara site.

I couldn’t find it, yet. But word of warning, I’ll continue the head slideshow until it become real.


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