I’m one of the people who’ve that one or two important purposes in life: One, have a family, two, travel wherever/ whenever I want, let’s just skip number one for its time and talk about two for a second, discovering other worlds around you, which is on my Calender for as long as I can’t remember, but all in the balanced way that I want, because after all, I’m a very home person.

What grabbed my attention the other day was, how a full-time blogger has the advantage of travelling everywhere anytime, so many bloggers don’t even return home for once in months because of their busy schedules, and duh, because they really love to travel. Yes I get very envy of that much travels one can do in one month, but in the same time, I call that a crazy life which now maybe the most right time to live! but I simply prefer calm, quite and peaceful kinda lifestyle.

I believe those two paradoxical lives can combine —the crazy fashion world and my dream of having a small farm in a very quite area, that balanced life that I’m looking for, and as for traveling and discovering other cities, will arrange it around the year, okay let’s count it together, so, one month for summer travels (between beaches and islands), 2 months a year for fashion weeks, and one month for a new city to discover, and other one in any part of Africa to discover myself/roots again, let’s not forget about business trips every now and then, so that will be approximately five to six months a year, half of the year not at home, and I’m seeking balance, hahaha, LOL. Thank god that I didn’t incorporate number one purpose into that calculation!!!

I always think that if you’re balanced in mind and heart, anything won’t matter, but the place you’re in and the place you call home has the ability for you to reach that balanced life inside and out.

I still don’t travel that much in one year, but I’m talking about dreams, like what my best friend just did, she recently has moved to LA with one goal in mind —be a fashion designer, that won’t come easy but I’m talking about the experience, the road that will take to pursue a very successful life and the thought of adventure of going alone not knowing anyone there always fantasies me, she inspired me to rethink travel, because it’s actually one of those things that could go back in your mind when you get so busy with the life you live at your home, the repetitive could devour you, even if you love home, too much of it could hurt.

It got me thinking about us traveling together, what I’m missing here staying home, what my soul/mind really needs, the adventure feeling started to kick in back again, how the journey could change you and how you can let your life be an adventure not just a numbness daily routine. Some people seek home on other lands, and I don’t mind it, maybe I’m actually one of them, the road of finding yourself never been easy, and if it takes the whole world to find, I’ll do it.

It’s just I’ve been in this routine for quite sometime now, enough to realize that I can’t name any hotel home or post lame Instagram images for luxuries travels, I want rusty travels that leave me marked and going home with more realization on living that balanced life. For me, travel to find myself is more reliable than staying home and never be centered.

Are you an all year-round traveller? How would you balance between your life at home and your travels?

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