Bangs on Streets

Bangs is an attitude.

It’s a lifestyle. Needs maintenance, lot of thinking before, enough coolness in yourself, the altitude to jump for it, and keep it for a lifetime.
Because it’s your signature, it’s the way you speak towards others, yea that’s all with just bangs.

In addition to the skipped beat that I feel every time I see a girl with huge bangs, I feel like she’s feeling it so she owns it, even if she’s inspired by another one, she’s still doing it with her own amount of coolness and altitude, not to forget her style.

Every time I see them I ponder the idea in my head, like ohh yea I soo need to add this to my lifestyle, I already have huge forehead, it’ll be a good set for this bangs (bigger than Alexa, almost like Friga) and a very longhair that needs more definition and movement, I want it to be part of me, my attitude, oui even hair has it’s own attitude. That adds to yours eventually, making sense? I know!

I did it before, twice, it was horrible, the last time I kept it for 3 months and I couldn’t continue cause I ooked sucker every time I trimmed it, I even stopped trimming my whole hair after, I wanna be cool enough to trim it for myself (just like the thing with eyebrows) and bolder enough to take the scissor and cut my own bangs, but I can’t. Damn it.

But I need change! I’m still hesitated by the whole thing but the more I see it the more I want it! So I made a hopeless cons list so that I can get it out of my head and that’s not healthy. If you feel the same, note it.

The cons list of getting cool bangs//
– I wanted it since forever, I’m talking perfect bangs. It’s not gonna happen.
– I did it and It was a dead end relationship.
– Only few people can pull it off and I’m not one of them.
– The numbers of cool bangs walking the streets is getting higher, so at least good for my eyes and soul.
– And at least I have the images and looks above to enjoy, and think about it more. Join me.

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