Since I’m still magnetized by the french mood aka load lots of french boards and Emmanuelle Alt, I wake up today, made some coffee, opened my laptop with only one thing on my mind… lets see some relaxing images. Yea my mind controls everything when i set alone… even the talk, and just like everyday, he started the conversation with me…

It’s not about the clothes, it’s about the atitude and everything, it’s a way of living, and I believe that the Parisian girl can pull anything she wants, also I think no one can hold a cigarette like a french woman (other than Kate Moss). Yes it’s all in the attitude.

So when my mind leads the convo while I’m looking at those images, all he says is: I wanna be french, I wanna be Parisian, and for me I watch him go coco and can’t help it, hopeless case.

After he calms a bit, he start to look at the clothes, studying the simplicity and the effortless in every outfit, and all he could think of is:

You need a skinny white pants, and leather pants,
You need a wide leg jeans and cropped skinny jeans,
You need belts and scarfs, 
you need pointy mid heel black shoes,
You need blazers and jackets, 
Absolutely You’re IN need for Isabel…

Me: Need? No you want, not need! I have a roof over my head so you just want this!!
At the end i just gave up because he make total sense that there’s nothing in my closet to wear, and confessed me that I need even the simplest things as a white t-shirt because all of these things is basics, and I don’t have any, so i need to remain comfortable and effortless when I go out, and because I’m just a crazy person, I don’t need a crazy clothes in my life, one crazy at the time people!

Okay what to do next?! I think he also persuaded me that I’m in need for shopping now to look effortless chic (devil), even I can look absolutely great when i wear all black everything (because here, it’s not good when someone wears all black because its a significance of death), so every time i wear black at normal occasions, or for everyday’s look, I get a lot of questions, like Whats happened?!!! Did someone died? How’s your family? Are you okay?… No people, I just love black leave me alone!! you can’t see a stylish girl wears all black and looks happy in Egypt’s streets, you could see this at events and parties only.

Back to the point.

The point is that my mind wins here, Does your mind do this crazy things to you too or is it just me feeling that all I want is to be Parisian because of this french revolution around us?

I’m off now to seek my french mood and do some shopping, enjoy the images!

Images: Pinterest, Zara, Garance Dore, tumblr.
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