In this fast world we’re living in, silence become the most difficult thing that any one can do, and as we grow up believing that it’s boring, we can easily manage to explore everything within but being silent.

If you choose silence to be a time for you only, or with someone with you to be both silent, is something that we sometime hard to find as a gift, in fact it’s an essential act in adults and relationships, to be able feel the silence of nature and surrounding.

But how can you shut the words within you? The silence of your mind before sleep? To be silent is hard and needs practice. Silence is a gift, silence is a powerful expression that I need daily in my life as though it’s not the best of all. The silence that you can be in to watch the self lead the talk, how to silent all of you and just connect to everything and to make everything connects to you.


A trustworthy beauty product recommendations I have discovered, tried and reviewed for you. Get your cocktail, write your reviews with me, and forget yourself in this black hole. Keep your point of view coming, I will only stop if you did. Ok, maybe not, I love this!!

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