The Jeddah international Restaurants I Never Not Go To

Did you know that about 10 million expats live in Saudi Arabia? a huge fraction of them live in its second largest city, Jeddah, which makes it a melting pot of cultures. What’s most important is that your taste buds will never be bored in this city. So let’s take you on a culinary journey to discover the best international restaurants in Jeddah.

Wagamama, Japanese Restaurant

The newly opened UK based Japanese chain is just what the city needed. With its versatile menu that also includes some Korean dishes. best international restaurants in JeddahWe ordered the chicken ramen noodles. The chicken was so tender and the broth was rich. We got a side of steamed gyozas, and kimchi to balance it all out. It was an experience that made my inner otaku delighted.

Baytoti, Chinese Restaurant

Because of the huge number of Asian expats living in Jeddah, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants here. The newly opened Baytoti is one of my favorites. The exterior of this restaurant will wow you as much as the food itself. We ordered tom yum soup, and the spring rolls were fried to absolute perfection. For the main dishes, we got the chicken and the vegetable noodles, the vegetable fried rice, the chicken teppanyaki, the sweet and sour chicken, the Szechuan beef and the shrimp tepanyaki. I obviously save the best for last, the shrimp was scrumptious. I highly recommend it. And for a person who doesn’t like beef very much, I found their Szechuan beef incredible.

BarBQ Tonight, Pakistani Restaurant

One of the best Pakistani restaurants in Jeddah. They have an open buffet for lunch and dinner. And their open kitchen provides an entertainment vibe. The dishes are endless, from biryani to multiple kebab varieties, to the mouth-watering curries, and we can’t forget their butter naan. They also have a dessert buffet that includes the amazing jalebi, Gulab, and some western dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Bear in mind that my spice tolerance is extremely low, and their spice level is medium, so it is suitable for anyone. I’ve been there so many times, actually as I’m writing this, I’m thinking about going there tomorrow.

AlWazan, Lebanese Restaurant

A favorite among the locals and tourists alike. Famous for its shawarma wraps, AlWazan had to make this list. It certainly has more to offer than the wraps. The salads especially. The fatoush is out of this world. I really advise getting the mixed bbq. You truly can tell that the meat is really fresh.
Pro tip: when you ask for the meat shawarma, opt for the lamb one. You’ll pay more both in terms of money and calories, but it’s definitely worth it.

I love spending some quality time there with my family and let be transferred to Morroco. because it’s hard not to when you visit this restaurant.

Andalusia, Moroccan Restaurant

Located in Park Hayatt Jeddah, the restaurant’s ambiance is exquisite it overlooks the red sea, and screams orient. The open buffet offers an extensive choice of Moorish cuisine. We started with the harira soup that is eaten with lemon and dates, with a side of focaccia bread. Then we moved on to the salad buffet that had everything from beetroot salad to a weird but very tasty liver salad! Moving on to the main courses, the tajines were to die for. My favorite must be the vegetable couscous, and the meat and prune tajines. And since everyone knows that I’m a dessert person, the dessert buffet was definitely the highlight of my visit. It has some Moroccan deserts, like almond briouats and chebakia. It went so well with their mint Moroccan tea. And I have to mention how incredible their western desserts were, especially the black forest cake. I love spending some quality time there with my family and let be transferred to Morroco. because it’s it hard not to when you visit this restaurant.

AlSadda, Saudi Restaurant

Most of the people don’t know what Saudis eat. But it’s okay since every area is famous for its own dishes. Many people from various parts of the world migrated to this land in the past, which hugely influenced the local cuisine. So if you want to get a true Saudi experience, AlSadda restaurant is the place to be. best international restaurants in JeddahSome of the dishes are Saudis and some are Yemenis. The restaurant is decorated like an old Saudi house. You will have the option to set on the floor, or on the table, and their food is always impeccable. I recommend you try the lamb mandi which is basically rice and super tender meat that will change your life.

Saraya Latif, Turkish Restaurant

What started the turkey fascination when we watched the infamous Erkenci Kus drama. So for Mother’s day this year, we decided to have dinner with my mother there, and that is one lady who loves fancy restaurants, and gladly she wasn’t disappointed. The restaurant atmosphere is magnificent. The entire staff is Turkish, and they great you with Turkish phrases. Moving on to the food, we ordered the mixed appetizers plate with hummus, muhammara, kisser, and many more. Also, the Ichli kufta which is Kibbeh. We got the fried, and the boiled one to do a comparison, we loved both. For the main dishes, we got Saraya mixed grill and the Urfa kebab. However, the best dish prize has to go to Yogurtlu Kebab which is a super succulent kebab in a Turkish yogurt. After the meal, they gave us complimentary Turkish tea and baklava. This restaurant was definitely a 10 in all areas.

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