best summer dresses 2017

Summer Dresses That I Can’t Neglect


The only thing I wanna wear this summer is dresses, I really don’t know why…?? Ohhh you tooo!!!??

Because seriously how come you follow Jeanne Damas and reformation on IG and want to wear anything else!!

Despite the fact that I really want to wear a hell of nothing at AAALLLL at summer; dresses come as an easier option for me at summer; who have thought about jeans in a 43° day!! EEK I just can’t.

I really think of what I really could wear on my day as I walk from my bed to my office… which is just a white Ikea desk with a good mood board that I like to expand someday and make it busier. But that’s not the case, my mind is more tropical these days!!

On this few steps that I take every day and with the sun shining through my french basket that I now hold as a bag— Yes, I’m joining the French move! It’s FUN!—I love to make them in a summer dress; these defining waist, flowy, comfy dresses that people keep on wearing everywhere is something I can not neglect.

The thing with dresses if you thought deeply about it is:

-You don’t have to think about any other item to wear with; it totally makes the point by itself, it is that powerful … ok, you could only want a hat and a pizza bagel.

-It looks good with or without shoes; think about it on the sand and you’ll know what I mean

-It looks even good to my eyes if I got a pretty good one on sale; which I can do this month people!

Sold. Ready for THE best summer dresses  you could ever possibly find in all internets!? Let’s search.  

best summer dresses 2017
I first went to Rouje because I’ve been scoring this brand since Jeanne started it and now I can… after entering… okayyy so the Gabin navy dress is out of stock, in black, nothing is here, besides I won’t be sad because there were not on sale or something… But it’s so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Ok!! Calm down, there will be a restock in mid August for all sizes. But I’ll give you a secret, Jeanne is making a little announcement on her IG every time anything gets back to stock; so simply turn on the notification if you really want one of them and don’t be such a drama. (me to myself).

The other one that I’m in love with The Almost French collection by Reformation, that Camille modeled for them, I think I fell for it because they combined each good element together in one picture: Eco-friendly suitable fashion with a half French half British blogger Cami and the name of the collection on top of that to just tell me that I could be, not french, but enjoy summer like one; that If Reformation could so could I; I’m sold again. How non-French people can make you sold? Make it like French; huge effort that looks like nothing!

Then I got to Eliza Faulkner, also an ethically made brand in Canada by a Canadian girl who makes beautiful dresses; I’m in love with the Lola pink gingham dress and the Raffi ruffle sleeved dress in yellow linen. All that I love is sold out, but how couldn’t be anyway!?

Saloni has dresses that I really would love to see how it would fit me because I always picture myself in one; the one that I like is on sale but would cost all of what I have this month, the one that I love is not even considered as an option to buy! Isn’t it always like that!!!

Trois The Label: Trios makes you feel more urban chic when you wear it, that city girl that have all the problems on her mind but when anyone looks at her thinks like; oh would you look at her, she got absolutely nothing to worry about. It does all the talk for you. I love the Alt dress the most… Ok, the Kerr one is to die for as well. And the Angela dress.

Dôen: One of those websites when you enter you find yourself thinking; why the hell till this moment I’m not living on a farm, a beach!!! An island! Living like this gal wearing only like this collection!?  Love the gold Sorell dress and Paix dress because I could get to the layering mood and that one is HEAVEN for that.

Swildens is another great collection of dresses you’ll find there, I especially find myself in the QAT dress.

At the end of the day, it’s about how much do you really want a good dress, in my case, I don’t want, I need one or two or even five.

best summer dresses 2017



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