Between The Lines

The eyes. Important part of our faces when it comes to beauty, mysterious and it need to be enhanced, specially in some eyes like mine, small, light lashes but thank god, good eyebrows, So I go smoky sometimes but if I wanna feel a bit dramatic I double it with… Eyeliner,

It’s a problem for lot of people, and still an issue for me till now, seriously two years ago, I didn’t know how to put it at all, but it just need a little practice and with the right liner, you’ll do it, because if you start right, you’ll continue to love it and apply everyday, but if you started wrong, you’ll give it up, so here’s a few different applications of liners to choose from, from left to right:
1. The Liquid pen: The easiest one because of the nib shape you’ll feel like your drawing on paper, you can draw from thin to thick line, gives you the right amount of liquid, it don’t get messy and last for a long time (I used this one till the color of the pin gone from silver to black).  — For Beginners (Moi for a long time).

2. The Gel: It’s that one that you apply with the brush, not for beginners, you need to practice practice practice, gives you the best finish, like the velvety pro kinda look, ultra black, more dramatic and you can smudge that one and make amazing smoky eyes, here — your the controller of it all — For Experts.

3. The Pencil: The kohl in other word, irreplaceable, you can do both, if you want a smoky look, choose a one that will give you plenty of color. If you wanna draw a perfect line with it, also choose a strong one but more stable and not to creamy and make sure to always use sharpener to have a pointed sharp pencil to do the look. — For Beginners to Intermediates.

4. The Thin liquid liner: For ultra thin lines, you just put it and pouff! of to the street, the fastest one to reach a thin quick line with a flick, just make sure to draw your line as close as possible to your waterline to prevent a lid line in between. — For Intermediate to Experts.

Ps: Rule No.1 while applying: Don’t forget to breath. Don’t freak out it just a line! Make sure to place your elbow in a counter for balance and if you wanna change the length or there’s something got wrong with the line, dip your Q-tip in your moisturizer and you can shorten it or correct it without going for panda eyes look.
I’m going to try some, I’ll let you know how it goes on Instagram , Bye Xx.

From left to right: Visign, Maybelline Eye studio lasting drama, Bourjois Khol & Contour, Bourjois Liner clubbing.


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