Blame it on the Camera!

 It’s a 1,2,3 situation here… Picture no.1/ adjusting the camera to catch any light at the sunset… and it took forever (Is that happening to anyone of you guys? like even if you understand the light and the ISO thing, sometimes it doesn’t help and it challenges you that you suck at those things and may be when your friend take your picture with your I phone it looks more good than a professional camera shot (i know it’s not 5D mark lll, but it has to do better that this!), and you try so hard to prove her wrong? OR lets just admit that i’m still such a loser and can’t take one good damn picture!

No.2/ even in my best pose, the picture look hideous, but i’ll but it anyway just cause i made a promise to people, and i think it’s more about the outfit more than the image!
No.3/ I’m just so tired so just shoot and lets go, the camera sucks, it’s already late and we don’t have any light to start with..
Note: Have you see my fringe! HAVE YA!? yea i did it, sometimes i love it, sometimes i hate it.. it’s a love hate relationship, but i think i love it so much to let go anytime soon..
I know i have to practice on my camera more to shoot right, anything in this life need practice to be good at anyway..
Peace out.
Wearing: ALL Zara, White T-shirt and Pants: H&M, Watch: Guess.


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