Quick question: What is your best way to apply makeup?

Me: Hands… then comes the brushes.

Hands because I like to feel and touch everything with my hand, especially cause I tend to have a natural dewy look so my foundation is a water base and everything else’s creamy, and to achieve the best results with that use your hands, but if I’ll go for something thicker or i need more blending, I use brushes.

I think great makeup is a matter of the method of applying it over what brand is to use. And to be more specific, great skin is the base for great makeup.

The first time i noticed why brushes is good to me when i saw beauty shows (TV stuff) and how they apply makeup (mostly they use sponges), i always see them put great brands on models faces, but even before they finish, i know I’ll see another cake face. please lets just not talk about the amount of the foundation they put on, and right after that, compact powder to… “set the foundation”! but that’s another talk #let’smoveon.

Makeup made to enhance the beauty of the women, not to make a mask instead of the natural given face.

I’m not that expert, but I know enough, I know it’s not wrong to use sponges, in fact if you are more relaxed with it or it gives you the best results that’s great, but it feels so dirty to me to begin with, and it needs more cleaning than brushes.

That’s why i’m talking brushes, and after the use of the sponges that I saw already, i think brushes gives you the natural finish with the lightest strokes. And the ultimate key for great make up is, building it up, more blending, less layers.

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